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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, April 25, 1917"

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Official Organ of the Supreme Lodge Coi 




KnigW»^Pytfe n;a ? , S.A., E. AJL & A. 

ft ; 

VOL. VI. NO. 1 

ST. LOUIS, HO.. FRIDAY. APRIL 20, 191?.. 



Presents Statesments Of Roscoe Sim- 
mons As True Expression Of 
Negroes' Position. 

Huddleaton Of AUbara* Praise* Negro But Declare* He I* 
Not Ready For Citizeiubip. Wood Of Indiana Score* 
The Gentleman From Alabama For HU Incontiitency. 

In il house debate in Congress, April 
9, Representative Hun. L. ft Dyer, of 
St. Luuii, caused, quite a bested dis- 
cussion when be asked for just [wo 
minutes to toll about tho Negroes' loy- 
alty to tbe United Suites. 

True to himself and his constituency 
■ Mr. Dyer v™N not stand to have, the 
Negroes' loyalty questioned it is time 
like this. After Mr. Dyer had asked 
for time to speak on the question* the 
Speaker of the House said: 

The Speaker: The gentleman from 
Missouri (Mr. Dyer) asks - unanimous 
consent to proceed for two minutes. .Is 
there objection 1 - 

There waa no objection. ■ 

Mr. Dye*; The distinguished Speak- 
er of this House, when he was accept- 
ing a re-election for the fourth time 
aa Speaker, mad* thi atatement tbe 
other day that all people of tab coun- 
try, of all nationalities and of all re- 
ligions and of all color, war* loyal to 
this Government. 1 do not believe, Mr. 
- 'Speaker, that- there is anjr question 
-ahoat that in the minds it any good 
A m trie an citinen, 

■ In the preaa a few days ago we aaV 
a statement to- the' effect that there 
eras an etfort of the Imperial Ger- 
nu Government to organize the Col- 
ored race to light agajaat the United 
States Government in certain aeetiona 
of the Union, t desire to have tbe 
Clerk read a statement coming from 
one of the leading Colored men of the 
South. Roscoe Conkling Simmons, of 
Louisville, Ky., - upon the continued 
faithfulness of that race to their coun- 
try and Government. Nut that this 
evidence is needed, Mr. Speaker, be- 
cause we need but tend the history of 
our country to see that this race— now 
of ten million— haa ajwayi exhibited a 
pure and genuine patriotism. In every 
war this people has fooght for their 
country. It was so in the Revolution; 
it was so in the War of IBIS; -it was 
•a in the Civil Wax, the. Spanish War, 
and the Philippine* and Mexico. It 
will bo so in thin war. Mr. Simmons 
truly speaks the fact! in this statement 
of his. 

Twa Clerk .read as follows: 

We have a record to defend, but 
no treason, thank God, to' atone or ex- 
plain. While in chains we fought to 
free white men— from Lexington to 
Carnal — and returned again ' to ear 
chsiaa. No Negro has ever insulted- 
• tag. No Negro ever struck" down 
a President of those United States. 
No Negro ever sold, a military map 
„( scents to a foreign government- 
No Negro ever ran under fire or lest 
an opportunity to setve, to fight, ,to 
bleed, and to die in the Republic's 
cause. Aeeaae as of what you will— 
justly and wrongly — no man ean point 
to a single instance of our disloyalty. 
We here but one country and one flag, 
. the Sag that set us free. Its language 
. is. our only toogue, and no hyphen 
bridges (or qualifies but loyalty. To- 
day the nation faces danger from a 
foreign foe, treason ■ stalks and skulks 
up and down our land, in dark coun- 
cils intrigue U being hashed. X' am 
a BepubUenn, but a Wilson Republiean- 
Woodrow Wilson is my leader. What ha 
commands me to do -I shall do. Where 
he commands me to go I shall go. If 
he calls me to the colon, 1 shall not 
ask 'whether my colonel, is black oh* 
white. , I shall be there to pick out 
no color except the' white of the ene- 
my's eye. Grievances I have against' 
this people, against this government. 
Injustice to me there ii. bad haw's there 
are upon the statute hooka, but in this 
hear of peril I ferget-r-nnd you munt 
.- forget— all thought- of aelf, or race, or 
creed, or politics, or color. That, boys, 
is loyally. ! ■ . 


Mr. Haddleatoa. Mr. Speaker, I ask 

notes on the subject. of the loyalty 
of the Negroes 1 

The Speaker. The- 

There waa no objection. 

Sir, Huddleiton. Mr. Speaker, Ifaave 
in my district over 1011,000 Negroes. 
■Fast of them are voters, bnt 1 want 
to say, Mr. Speaker, that* there never 
was u more loyal MetJ of people thnn 
the black race- (Applause.) And 
those 100,000 Negroes In the ninth dis- 
trict of Alabama will produce as large 
n percentage of men- who arc willing 
to flght for tlie Arncricau flag aa any 
other 100,000 people in the whole 
United States. 

I was raised among Negroes, played 
with (hem in my childhood, and Jhick 
I know their. trait* .They hnve many 
splendid qualities, and it is fitting that 
some southerner should stand' up bore 
and speak for them now when' tbe 
coWnrdly finger of suspicion is pointed 
at them. I know that. the; are loyal ; 
I know thai they are brave; I know 
that they, will make splendid soldiers, 
and if the this should come when this 
nation needs, soldiers, the faithful 
blacks down, in the blnck district of the 
South will -K'nu- to the -front like 
heroes. " ' . 

The cheapest activity ol patriotism 
is in spy-bunting nxl ceiling in ques- 
tion the loyalty af those of other races. 
it. ■ i H an unworthy patriotism that .con- 
fines itself to suspicion of other Amer- 
icans because they may bave been born 
in some foreign land or may belong 
to somo other race. Mors thbn ever 
is it unworthy when the object of its 
.attack is the American Negro, who has 
no other home than the United- State* 
and never knew any other flag than 
the Stan and Stripes. 

I have recently regretted very much 
to see -emanjating from one or" two 
sources charges questioning the loyal' 
ty of the Negro race. £ have regretted 
to see this because At seems' to. me 
that those charges and auapiciona are 
in themselves disloyal in their, effect. 
They have the tendency to breed duv 
senaion. They have the tendency to 
stir up strife among our people. They 
are moat ungenerous when tbey point 
the unjust finger of suspicion nt this 
lowly and loyal race that sieve so 
few spokesmen" and so few to stand up 
for them. - . . 

I want to ssy to you. gsnttetaen, that 
the Negroes are absolutely loyal, and 
they will fight, too. They will make 
brave -soldiers, and you will find that, 
when properly led,. they will do their, 
duty aa American soldiers, they will 
stand tire, at the front, and wilt brave- 
ly suffer and die along with the bal- 
ance *f_ us. (Applause.] --" 

Mr. Wood, of Indiana: Mr. Speaker-, 
will the gentleman yield for a ques- 

The Speaker: Does the gentleman 
from Alabama yield! 

Mr. Hud dies ton: 1 will. 

Mr. Wood, of Indiana: Does not the. 
gentleman believe that in view . of this 
beautiful, trihnte thai he has paid to 
them they are entitled to the' full- rights 
of eitixenship and the right to votet 

Mr. Hnddleston; Well, tha gentle- 
man has asked a question that might 
embarrass some men in public life, but 
it does not embarrass me. I want to 
any to the gentleman that, living far 
away from. the South, neither he nor 
anyone HkV him' cava have a proper 
comprehension of the race. question. It 
would not be weB to give the vote, in- 
.liscrimiflstery to the .Negroes. That 
w.onid not be well I have not the 
time to 'explain why this is true. Bnt 
the door of hope most be held open 
to the black rice and the right of suf- 
frage given to those who are most 
worthy of it. ' The Negro race should 
be eneooraged, to look forward to the 
time — some time in -the future — when 
they shall have "Seen fully fitted and 
to receive all the righto of 

L. H, 

gentleman viald'feT an 


The Supreme Court of the District 
of Columbia, at Washintgou, handed 
down n decision .Friday, April 13, 
Justice McCoy .presiding, in which it 
was decided thai the ' Grand Lodge, 
Knights of Pythian of Virginia was 
wrongfully expolled from tbe Supreme 
Lodge, knights Of Pythias, X. A., 8. 
A., £., A., A- t A'. This is tbe cul- 
mination favorably to the (Irani 
Lodge, K. of P.; of Virginia, of a suit 
instituted by that body against the 
Supreme Lodge to restrain that tri- 
bunal from enforcing. the proclamation 
of the Supreme Chancellor -suspend- 
ing the Grand Lodge of Virginia and 
all the toenihen in tbe subordinate 
lodges in that grand jurisdiction from 
the Order. 

At the session of the Supreme Lodge 
at Baltimore, the. action of the 
premt Chuncellor was sustained 
n , resolution adopted - expelling the 
Grand Lodge, K. of V. of Virginia 
from the Order. A rentraining order 
was obtained fruni Justice Ashley 
it, Gould, of the Supreme' Court Of the 
District uf Columbia, forbidding the 
Supreme Chancellor from enforcing his 
own proclamation or the decree of tbe 
Supreme* Lodge. 

At the session of tbe Supreme Lodge 
nt Columbus, O., tbe injunction or re- 
straining order was not obeyed and 
the Grand Lodge. K. of P. or Virginia, 
through counsel and with the eon. 
certcd nction of the Supreme 'Repre- 
sentatives, John Mitchell, Jr.. Thorn ns 
M. Crump, B. R. Jefferson uud T> H. 
Wyatt instituted contempt proceed- 
ings in the Supremo Couft M Washing- 
ton against S. W. Green, Dr. E. E. 
Underwood, R. It. Jackson, for violat- 
ing the restraining order. The original 
suit and the contempt proceedings wore 
consolidated at the hearing by mutual 
cunseat of. counsel and tbe result is 
announced that Virginia has won its 

Would Give Sons 
For His Country 

Bishop Phillips Delivered Strong Ser- 
mon at the A and I State Norms! 
Last Sunday. Patriotic Utterances 
Well Received. 

Special to, Tnc St. Louis Argus,— 
Nashville, Tenn., April 19, (BIT.— A 
large audience, including the faculty 
and' students of the A, fend L .State 
Normal, and many friends from Fisk. 
Roger Williams, Waiden, Mebarry 
fend city beard Bishop C. H. Phillips 
Inst Snn'aay afternoon in tbe Chapel 
of 'the school. ' Free. W. J. Hall in 
trodnced tbe Bishop, who delivered a 
most thoughtful and spiritual sermon 
from the theme "Lore of Ood."' He 
told of Ood 'a hand in the present war, 
and of the. duty .of every cltixea in a 
crlais like this. He said" in part, re- 
ferring to one's lov» for hia.countty; 
"It \ man loves his country, be is 
willing to fight and die .for It. ' My in- 
creased years- will, not permit me tu 
aboulder arms, but I have two seni 
who .ire doctors, and I would cheer- 
fully give them for the defense of the 
Btanand Stripes-'* Thc^e remarks 
brought many sounds of, applause, 
which was followed by patriotic soiigi 
by the State Normal Oboir-of lifiy 
voices, under the direction, of Prof. 'N. 
O. Ryder. 


Beware of Negro 
pkkpockets who 
are working the 
churches, street 
cars, theatres etc 

The Speaker: Does tha gentleman 
yield! '■ ■ . 

Mr. Huddleaton: Yes. 

Mr. Langley: Hive-nearer the South- 
land than does the gentleman from In- 
diana. The- gentleman from '-Alabama 
speaks, of "the door of hope."' Does 
not the gentlemnn think that tbe State 
of Alabama baa closed "the "door of 
hope '' to the black raeeT 

Mr. Hnddleston: Oh, the gentleman 
juggles with political questions. I re* 
grot to see him do that in this tinie'of 
•risU. ' 

• Mr. Langley: So; it in V serious 
of justice to a race that you 

Mr. Barney; Mr. Speaker, I move 
that- the House do now ndjonrn. 



fie. -Geo O. Hall, of Chicago, Will be 

' Principal Speaker, civic 'and Other 

OrganUationh to Take Fait in the 

Ceremonies. Presidant H. A. Smith, 

: Of the Local Negto Business League, 

I Will Present Spade. Meeting at a*. 

IHnl at s p. m. 

Ground for the new Y. ST. C. A. 
building will be broken Sunday after- 
noon. The meeting just before the 
ground -breaking will be held nt St. 
Paul A. M. E. ChurCh at -Lcffingwell 
and Lawton Aves.,"j»t 4:00 p. m. Dr. 
Geo. Cleveland Hull, the race's famous 
and skilled physician wilt be the prin- 
cipal speaker of the afternoon. 

Dr. Hall in one of the outstanding 
!'!■■:! of the nice ,and will 'have no 
doubt n tremendous crowd uut to hear 

. All of ,the civic and professional 
bodies hnve beon invited to nttend 
Ihc meeting unit from present indica- 
tions St. Paul's Church will .hardly h.' 
largo enough to hold the crowd. 

liesirtes the address by Dr. Hall (he 
Sumner High School pupils nil) sing 
I'Seud Out Thy Light.'" An 'instru- 
mental -trio will nl^ be n part nf the 
pfogram. Dr. W. Ii. Johnson will have 
the invocation and Dr. Geo. . K. Slov- 
ens" will have the closing prayer. On 
the whole, it looks like the -biggest 
meeting the Y. M. C. A. ever held. 

After the meeting at fit. Pnuls 
Wiurch, a procession will form and 
march to the grunods at Bating and 
Pine, where the ground, will be broken 
f»r the erection of the new £150,000 
building. Remarks will be made by 
Sir. J. W..Fristoe, president of the St. 
Louis Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion and by Mr. H. A. Smith, president 
of the Negro Business; LcagCie, .who 
will present the spade with which the 
ground is to 'be broken in behalf of 

secretary- of the Young Men's Chris- 
tian Association. 

Ground for tbe North Side X. SI, C 
A. building was broken last Saturday 
and Che' men at the l'ine St. Depart- 
ment are determined that the North 
Side ahall not get very far ahead. It 
will be remembered that the Colored 
men were tbe first to. put across .their 
campaign aad to gfcje. the impetus to 
Y. M. C, A. WorkJtjBl. Louis and 
they are deicrminedby the help hi the 
citizens that their department 'shall 
stay ahead. 

Negro j Appointed 
jTo Detective Force 

Knoxville, Tenn., Special— The city 
commissioners in suasion at their regu- 
lar meeting oh last Friday- morning ap- 
pointed tbrce additional men to tbe 
city detective force and among tboae 
appointed was Jobn Singleton. De- 
tective Singleton .has been' doing plain, 
clothes duty for several months 'al- 
though his ..appointment to that posi- 
tion had not been "acted upon by -Iho 
commissi oners until last Friday. The 
promotion carries a Alary of 
•00 per month. Tbe race-has cause 
for elntion also over tbe appointment 
Of David Saunders, n local Colored 
eitiseo, to the- police department, mak- 
ing n tottl of five members of the race 
now serving. on the ,ci!y" police force. 

Mayor John E. McMillan, popular 
among the Colored race 1 In the city 
because of bis interest manifested in 
their welfare, nominated the -two mem- 
bers of the race. for the poaitions. 

The action .of the commissioners in 
giving the race in the city this added 
representation' -was the source of much 
favorable comment from every angle 
among the members of the race here. 

' Members of Camps 9 aad 10, of 
American Woodmen met. at HasOnie 
His!!. 3010 Kastnn Ave., Mondn*- night 
2nd were instructed jn Woodcraft by 
National Deputy, Geo. C. Msrtin as- 
sisted by Deputies M. J. Knox. T. A, 
Ross and F. H. Butler. Seventy-eight 
■en and women received instruction. 
After a talk by IJeputy Martin on 
Woodrruft, and' racial solidarity, rum 
mltteea were " appointed to conduct 
election of officers at next meeting 
Monday night; April £3. 

Carnation Chamber Mosaic. Templars 
of America will give a sock social at 
the residence of' Mrs. Csrry M. Fletch- 
er, Tit N. 11th St.. Monday evening. 
April £3. An evening of pleasure is 
sssufed to all wkjl May attend. Mis* 
Henrietta Jaekson,.W. Zi, Mrs. Agnes 
Jackson, Secretary. : 



Magnificent photoplay Spectacle Tak- 
en From Winston Churchill's , Cele- 
brated Novel, to be Shown April 26. 
27, 28. 20. Only Chance to see It 
Complete as Presented Recently at 
the New Grand Central Theatre. 


Character Impersonator and Reader. 
Metropolitan A. M. B. Zion Monday 
evening. May 7. Dr. B, Garland Shaw, 
Pastor. , 

Baptist Arrange 
Ten day Meeting 

Hear Prophet Jones In His Wonderful 

Present War. Prominent Visitors 
' St, Louis Attending Educational 

By Mrs. Bessie page 

Pnlphet Andrew Junes, of Philadel- 
phia is still here. The Hsptiats are 
sirknging for a ten days' meeting, in 
which yon must hear, this wonderful 
man of God. His prophecies are true: 
he says there will be fourteen yenr* of 
war, and that there will )..■ no food 
even though^vou may bave money with 
which Bo buy. Coma and hear him, be 

will 'tell you what to do. Pastor 
Moseley has done a great work since 
he has been at Tabernacle; and his in- 
fluence has been felt throughout the 
city in general. Strangers always feel 
at homo when they come in his pret- 
ence, especially when he tells them nf 
knowing their pastor, In the town from 
whence they came, Prof. Page, of 
Western College, Be v. McDonald, of 
Hannibal and others are here attend- 
ing "' Educational " meeting. ' Dr. 
Jacobs (white) who is sl'so interested 
in eduestiohsl work smong the 
Negroes; was present, Uev. Matthew 
Holmes, of ; Nashville, Tenn., delivered 
a stinting sermon Sunday ., vcning, aad 
the' spin: was much felt. The women 
or Tabernacle will - have a fifty seat 
rally on the Afth Sunday in April. 
Electric Club will give a Hoi Social 
Saturday, April £5 (£1.00 prise for the 
lucky one). . Prophet Andrew Jones Is 
residing with Rev. fend Mrs. B. IL 
Harris, itWe- Lucky St., white in the 



On ace 

junt uf the hreaking of 

ground for thn new \, 11. C. A. Build- 

ing there 

will be no afternoon meet- 

ing nt. Y 

W. C. A. All association 


are asked- to attpnd the Y. 

M. C. A. 

meeting at St. Paul Church 


at 4 p. m. From St. Paul the 


i members-will go ia a body 

to the V. 

M. C. A.- ground, corner of 


. Julius R Olenn, detr-ctive of tbe 
hicsgo police force, came to this city 
few Jays' ago ior a prisoner. Kal-. 
igh Andwson, who was arrested by 
Officer* Cooper and Waller/ . He was 
wanted in Chicago -for 
nitted last Otober. During his abort 
tay here.. Sergeant Gleno was' -the 
guest of Special Officer Ferdinand 1 WaL 
ad wife, 31 10, Rutger' Street. 


Wanted, three good slngera. None 
but flnt-elasa. Alto, .soprano and eon- 
tralto. . A contract far three sr four 
■months. And s piano player. See ReVi 
Dr. J. I. OriSn at. Pleasant Oreen 
Baptist Church, on Elliot and Wash St. 


ter. nt Finney and Pendleton 


.. nft,e? , ; 

u.-Merable tniuble und 

expense, Ii 

is secured the wunsler- 



"The tVisis," for bis 


ins. The 

picture will be shown 



sday, Fri, 

iv. Saturday und Sun- 
f 7. _B8~and 2ii.' The'pic- 
druinulinutiou of \nii- 



eidebrisled novel.- The 


is ilf spec 

nt interest i<> Missouri- 


«t. l.ouisnus. The acenu 

s 1 

id here n 

ml iimnv of the land 

narks describe 

. stilt remain. I, is B, 


nnil unrr. 

live of the period sub- 


'in to the- 

'ivil VVnJt and portrnvs 



nan and o 

if Lincoln, flnlnt. Lee, 
hers of national fame. 


uents of s 

Idiots and famous but- 



ced nudJho wide Held 
-red opportunity 


mist niter. 

■ting development*. A 

■ has 



1 story 

ever produrdd, but it is fur inure in- 
teresting to lbs Colored pl-jiplo Ijlnn 
to the whiles." ,A tender love sio.ry, 
which runs throngh Ihe play ndds to, 
the heart's interest, stimulated by the 
fact thnt its fate depended upon llie 
result of Ihe great struggle fnr'free 
doni and liberty. 

This production had :-. most phcnoTii- 
inal run at the New Grand Central re 

Inu-imieh in the stury is a recital of 
the true history uf St. Louis and its 
connection with the most vital period 
in the life of the railed Stales, every- 
one should sec its vlyid portrr.^jil in 
m.iviug pistviiv- at- the Peni'l^Mn. 
her crisis 
all to 

Shown at taja-timc isf anot 
in our history, it can but iusi 

T tills. 



hum LiBCsilu, "who gave his life for 
hik country i'von as Christ' gave his 
life for the world," 

Mr. . Austin announces two sperial 
instill. vs. Thursday and Friday, April 
1M1 and 27, at 15 cents. ' The Saturday 
aad Sunday matinees and night prices 
will be £5 cants. 

Tickets arc now on aalo at Harris' 
Drug Storp, Jefferson "and Lnwlnn, 
ami HoiinerlQge Drug Store, at Pen- 
dleton na.l N'erth Mnrket. - 


The Social Service Training Class met" 
at the Prtivident Association. Building, 
Thursday evening, April "12, with an 
attendance of eighteen.' 

"The Art of Beginning Social Work" 
was discussed by "Mrs. .Jasper and Mrs. 
Agee. "Diagnosis and Treatment of 
Character Under Difficulties, " by Mrs. 
Phillips and Mr. Moseley. 

The Iseson on "Causes of Poverty" 
was conducted by the superintendent, 
Miss Pultlam. ' 


The Woman '<i Union, auxiliary to 
the seven church Kaptlst Union, met 
Sunday afternoon with tbe Plesssnt 
Oreen Baptist Church. The meeting 
was n good one. An excellent paper 
wfcs read by the president, Mrs. A. 
Hnll,. subject, "Go Forward:" Il 
iras indeed grand, and every Bsptist 
woman sbould have hesrd nt. This 
oninn is striving to bring'about unity 
among the sisterhood of our Baptist 
women and do a wnaderful work for 
Jesus is long ihe lines of missions. 
Tbe sermon" by Rev. Hall was grand. 
We arc celling for volunteers,, anil' 
wsnt -women of a strong determion-. 
Hon, to do good, to Join us. Next 
mete ling will be held at Madagelcne 
Baptist .Church, 3420 Market St., Mrs. 
A. Hall, President; Mrs. B, Coper, 
Sec"reiarv. . ' i 


Dr. OriSn will .preach. Subject: 
Fifty two Cards in the Deck," Mon- 
iv night. April 23. A 'specie 1 invita- 
tion to the wieked people and their' 
friends. Seven hundred persons will 
t this meetiqg. You will have to 
come early to avoid the rush. At the 
I'li-i- -.■:.: Green ' Baptist Church on 
Eljjot'and Wash St. 

Fifty-two cards in a deck, 5£ weeks 
a year, 12 face cards, aad twelvis 
months. Eve and Adam were the ilrst 
gamblem, and they soon found thsm- 
slves naked. So- It Is with gamblem 
f today. Hear tfaia wonderful biblical 
discourse Mondsy night. 


As It Grew* Older It Grows Better 





M - *- *- X - G™*"". MM I of. Mb IKllnw ■■■■■ MM* M -" -■TIM 

?! *-■ — rrjgrjr£^-aa T»t-JSi-75ryS 


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2A22 Lawton Ave. 


Chauffeurs and automobile, owners 
may obtain application "cards for 
license from Attorney Geo. L. Vaughn, 
Notary Public, 2336 Market St. 
1344, Central 8371. 

For the newest and nest up-to-date 
styles In Ladies' and Hen's Apparel 


1500— MARKET ST.— 2100 
They will also" loan you money to buy 
your winteT clothes. - 


a new hook. Story 

title is to buy the book. Cloth bound 
11.60. Morocco, $2.50. 

Mrs. Josephine HoweO, 100 N. 
Bwtag At.., General Agent for St 
Lools. (4-14) 


Why Jena never married' .There 
is a reason. Send ten cent* in sumps 
lor booklet Also Truth About the 
Bible. KM: Sexology ol the Bible, 
12.00: Why Jesus Wu * Man and Not 
a Woman. (ZOO. By Sidney C Tipp, 
406 Reliance Bldg„ Kansas City, Mo. 


A genta Wanted. Address as follows: 
IE-is: Park Slow, New Tort City. 

Address answer Department 144 

*+ + + + + +++-*- ++++ + ++ + + + + + + ++X 

Full Dress Suits For Rent. 

Second -Hand Over Coats. 


Olive 4649 

711 North Sixth Street Second Floor 


x+++ ++++ +^ +++++++++++++++K 

1005 Kinlocfa: Central 4663 

Rob't. P. Frltschle 


Diamonds, Watches Etc 



We Test Your Eye* 


And Sell Eye Glass*. 
and Spectacles on Time 
Dr. Wm. M. Riley 

Ata. A Wash SI 

Phone Bomont 1648 


DRAKE * BALL, Mats. 


Oldest Engraving House 
in St Louis 

325 Locust Street, 4th Boor 

notice to uHAurrtrujuj - 

'Chauffeur* and automobile ownefa 

■nay obtain application ■ cards for 
license from Attorney Sea. L. Vaughn, 
Notary Public, SUM Market Bt. 
Phones, Bomont 1644, Centra! SHI. 

gon can always Sep and ape*. 

for lowest prices. In 
' - mo OOOdl AT*. 


The Only Exclusive Chartered Colored 
' Cemetery in the Vicinity of St. Louis. 
It u Non-Sectarian ' Free Care to Alt Lets asnNGrave* 

PRICE of 10TS S25 t* )1W Will Hold Frost 3 It. 9 Adnlt Sarials 


Adult... a — -—.—,..:......-—. $ io;oo 

Child over 5 years and under 10 years 
" 1 year 


Adult.^. aoo 

Child over 6 years and under 10 years 5.00 

" " 1 " " " • 5 " 4.00 . 

.,? 1.„; :i...." l " :... • 2.00 

weather, lowering devices, Employees in uniform and other latest 
equipment. Every effort is being made to give our people a well 
kept, high-grade cemetery. Substantial improvements have been 
arranged for, and the work will be begun earlyin the spring. 

Many pemons.luive purchased family burial Iocs and an having iniiaaiisul ' - 
improvement* erected. All this adds to the beenty of the Cemetery. Free . 
automobile temca is at 'the disposal of any any one deamnft to select a burial - 
lot. Parches* now before the pneae advance. 'A, 

Call Bell: Kirk wood 287- W 

ARTHUR TURNER, -^ Superintemdenl 

FRY'S Busy Cot Rite Drug Store 

Service, Oar Motto We Deliver the Goods 


Subscribe for the krg&\'0M 
V ^.5^r Year 

Standard Life Insurance Co. 


Capital FuUy Paid $100,000.00 

The only Old lice Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company 

owned and operated entirely by Colored People, Not 

Fraternal, nor Assessment, nor Industrial. Insurance In 

force over $2,000,000. 

Branch Offices In Missouri 

23«3 Market 

T. A. DitltMB, SpecieJ Renretawtatire 
St., SlLobu C. H. Fearias, A 

A|eacy Dtrector 

1515 E. 18th St., Kansas Cfty, Stewsrt tSntitb, Agescy Dirtrtso 

the U Erdle Bakery tic 


Bell Phone, Bomont 2sl 




Tersss to salt roar lee****. Parti? osol eaaln 
and uiaiMsslluli una » «ea t a nte > w aaad at 

ST.LOISS ^ 522 -"- 1 



Beautiful Bust and Shoulders 

■»> -■<■■ -a. tai v ian a iBa 
snasawd u>. t. H.»(b.,-«w,. 
TWr am me eaaaaaM eawweel sarvfcaaaes aw 

Ar-tanseaaM aweksas ..«_, ^.^ 




ar. iukti. ho. S 

* «r«.*V "** * : 

Good Hope Chamber held their me- 
morial Savi k lS Bnnday in " honor of 
th«4.W'J. U Bulls, JT. Q. a\ Rev. 
Rucker, of St. Louis, preached Ml elo- 
quent sermon. ...We had several out 
of town visitors Easter Sunday. Those 
we noted ware th» Misses Jam** and 
their brother, of Eestu*; Mr Orvill 
Cbappelle, and sister, lilM Mildred, of 

MisV'L. Latttt 

Mi»» Etna Austin, - of ' Nashville, 
Tt'.'in., ia visiting Mr. and ill*. J. N. 
Beaslej. ... .lbs, OMl. L. Nelson, of 
Springfield, 111., spent lut week and 
with her .parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. U. 
I'ieraoD. .Rev. L. J. .Brooke returned 
from the Annual Conference for an- 
other veer's service as pastor of Web- 
ster Groves M. E. Chares., and re-, 
porta a good session. 


Br lira.. N. B. VUlar* 

Mrs. T. A. Herman is the guest of 
Mre. N. B. Villus, while Hov. T. A. 
Herman ia attending Conference at 
Lexington, M" Mr. Hallie Mere- 
dith la visiting his parents, Mr. and 
Mi. C. Meredith Mms Boalih Nel- 
son arrived homo Sunday, after a week's 
vjsit with her, sister, Mra. Grace 

Burns, of DeSoto, Mo Rev. W. C. 

Allen, of the M. E. Church, delivered 
(in excellent sermon at the A. M. E. 
Church Sunday night.'!.'. .Mr. Bartlc? 
Smith, ton red to Farming ton with ■ 
jolly crowd Sunday afternoon. Mr., 
Smith ia getting to be quite a chauf- 
feur... ,.lfr. Arthor Brown Uon the 
sick lint.. ..HIM Mary Villars visited 
fame folks at Caator , Saturday and 
Sunday. .,..Urs. Elizabeth Craig, of 
Csstor, spent a few days in this' city 
visiting friends and relatives. .. .Mra. 
Ida Parka Spent Sunday with her 
mother, 5n. .C. Kerap. .. .Mra. Lou 
tea Hunt kaa returned from St. Loui... 
iJHairiet Cayee spent a few 

rtayiTtTfct. Lools last week Mr. 

Kdward HcFadden spent a few days 
in St. Louis visiting' friends and rein 
.lives, and reports a very pleasant 
visit. ' '■ 


By Mrs. O. P. Jackson 

Mr. Win. Freeman, of Chicago, ia 
visiting hie parents on Margaret' 

■Street Mr. Wash Moore,- of Alice 

Street, ia not cap;'fiu<l to live....... 

Mr. James. Ferfay was billed last Fri- 
day night at Brooklyn Cooperage Co. 

He wan stabbed by Wesley Lewis 

Presiding Elder Jacobs preached at the 
C- H. E. Church Sunday bight, and 
held his Quarterly Meeting Monday 
night. . . .Miss Mao Carter, of I. coper. 
Mo., departed for her home Saturday, 
after s pleasant visit with relatives 
and friends. .Mr.. W. W. Wilkinson, 
a TuskegM student will present Book- 
er T. 'Washington from the Cradle to 
the Grave Tuesday night at Pleas- 
ant Hill Baptist Church. . . .Prof. Juan 

Sylvester returned homo Sunday night 
from a business trip In Joaeaboro, 

Ark The Argus reporter was the 

guest for dinner Sunday of Mr. and 
Mrs. James Blue.. Mr- J. S. Siliias, 
of Bt.- Louie, who was tin guest of 
his sister, Mrs, G. C. Brown, for a 
few days, loft for his horse Saturday. 
The* committees were out Sunday 
taking census of the .church -going peo- 
ple. .Dr. Chinn preached n grant ser- 
Sunduy evening at the C. M. E. 
Church Mrs. Milton Crawford en- 
tertained Ber. J. W. Jackson and 
T. Parrish it 9 o'clock break- 
fist Tuesday morning.. 

served. Maar presents wars received 
by the' hostess. .-. .Mrs. Florence Bhut- 
to* spent several days in East 8t- 
Louis the 'guest of her ciauglier, Mrs. 
Lovio Adams . . . .There was au on joy - 
able entertainment at Campbell Chap- 
el Monday .night. . . 


Mr: Biehard Day and Mr. Win. Mill 
Iit returned to Detroit, Mieh., this 
I'i'k, after having a pleasant stay in 
t. Charles. .. .Boru to Mr. and Mrs. 
Alton Dryden, a, tint boy. .Mother 
son are- doing nicely. .. .A party, 
led by Miss Jesn»tte Jones, gave a 
fruit shower for Miss Sarah Matthews 
Monday evening. .. .Be v. A, M. Todd 
carried a' good report to the Confer- 
ee at Lexington, and will he sta- 
tioned at Elsberry for the coming year. 
. ...Mr. Julian Clay, of St. Joseph, 
Mo., is the guest of his mother; Mrs. 

0, B. Clay Mrs. Ida Young and 

Mrs. Mary Harris, of St. Lonii, wore 
the guests of their wether, Mrs. M.. 

Lawson, Sunday Miss Ethel Wise, 

of St. Charles, and Mr. L. C. Gor- 
liim, of New cjrlcuns, Ln., were mar- 
ried in Chicago, April H, 1917 

Mrs. A. M. Todd and children re- 
turned from E. St. Louis Monday, ac- 
companied by Mrs. Grace Humphrey. 
The Forum, iu an altempt to en- 
courage civic pride, has offered three 
valuable prizes to the persons making 
the most improvements about their 

premises. Prof. Mndnrikan Dcniyi, 

of Lagos, 'West Africa, lectured at the 
liaptist and A. M. E. Churches on 

tho 17th and 18th, respectively 

The Drama at Mt. Zion Church, "My 
Neighbor's Wife," wus presented well 
lout Wednesday night Head tho Ar- 
gus and get the creditable news of the 
race. .... -St. Charles will observe 
"Health Week." The pastors are ex- 
pected to lead off with sermons on 

health Sunday, April/ 22 Miss Ida 

D. Jones was s enlfer at' the Argus 

Office in- St. Louis lost Saturday 

Mrs. Martha Bagby was in Warren 
ton, Mo., one day last week on busi 

ness Mrs. Sophia Miller will visit 

here indefinitely. 


Mrs. Mollie Bernard, of Peoria, is 
visitor in Alton on' business. . : .A j 
triotic meeting was held at the Uni- 
Baptist Chun* Tuesday, April 10:. 
Kev. Coozie Britton, assistant Snandal 
agent for Enterprise Institute,, of Chi 
eago, was in .the city last' week. Hi 
spoke at all the churches in the inter 
est of the school. ...Mrs. ElUa Ar 
buckle left Monday for 'Lincoln, III. 
where she will spond several weeks... 
All public school teachers of .Alton 
were in East St. 7*ouia Friday, April 
13, attending the teachers' conference. 

Mrs. Lillie Coates had a-birthday 

party Saturday night, April 14. 
large number of her friends were pres- 
ent, and a delightful luncheon was 


Br »Uas 0. Vnlle . 

Miss' Bertha Mathews, of ' St, . Louis, 
is' visiting her mother, Mrs. CoraSwink, 

near Ends, Mo Mis* Pearls Galvin, 

f Ends, Ma., passed through CofTman 
n route to. St. Williams, where she will 
be the guest of her mother, Mrs. Me- 
Math-id.-. Mm- Dave fiufonland daugh- 
ter, Laura, and friends spent the week 
cud with Mrs.' Fred Cbappelle. ...Mr. 
.dolph White spent last Sunday in 
Bads.. .'. .Mr. Orvill Cheppelle returned 
Tuesday from Bt. Marys, where he has 

been since Easter Mr. Bubcn Sta- 

ten spent Sunday with his daughter, 
C. Swink, of Ends, Mo. 


By Hiss EL N. Jones 

Mr. Henry pockery, who died at 
Waukegon, III., Monday, April 0, wt 
brought to this; city for burial last 
Wednesday. Tho body wns in charge 
of the local Odd Fellows, and services 
wore conducted- from the Second Bap- 
tist Church, with KoV. J. H. Hender- 
son' officiating. At the services were 
Mrs. Ida Lee, of Evauaton, 111.,- Mrs. 
Maria Evans, Mrs. Wm. Bell, of Wau- 
kegnn, I1L, end Mr. Dewitt Dockery, 
of jKansss City, Mo., children of the 
d« eased. They returned to tbt-ii 
homes Sunday afternoon, after visit- 
ing relatives in Jackson, Mo Mr. 

Grant Graven, of Poplar Bluff, re- 
turned lo this city Thursday, still il 
and is reported in a serious conditio: 
....Mr 1 . Butler Kuudol, one of Cape's, 
highly respected citixens, died at the 
homo" of, hii sister, Mrs. Wm. Crov. 
ens, after a lingering illness. He was 
fifty year* of age, and reputed lo be 
wealthy. Ho is survived by an in ; 
valid mother, a sister, brother, nieces 

and nephews At Pleasant Green, 

Superintendent Rev. Wm. Brewster, 
aided by. the Misses James, conducted 
an excellent program. .Memorial serv- 
ices were l.eld at ' the Masonic Hall, 
by the local H. of J. in memoriam of 
Mrs. Alice O. Jones, past G. M. of 
G. C. of H. of hi tit Missouri and 
Jurisdiction m A l*rgo number were in 
attendance, and the program was im- 
pressive Rev. I 1 . J. Johnson, with 

several Cape people, enjoyed the Eas- 
ter ' program at Allenville. 

noon while at wonrrHe was conveyed 
to his home in West Farm ingtou, 
where he remained unconscious until 
death eamo about nine o'clock the 
same evening. ,. .Miss Lorinno Sta ten 
served a bounteous dinner Sunday to 

a number of her lady friends Mrs. 

Lewis Kennedy was the guest of Mrs. 
Geo. Evans Sunday for dinner. . . .The 
middle-age members of St. Pnnl ren- 
dered a program at St. ariul Sunday 
evening, much to The delight of the 

audience Mr.' Tillman Cayce'was 

hero the first of the week... . ..Mis* 

Cor* Myers enjoyed the day Sunday 
with relatives at Crystal City. .There 
are only twenty more .days of school. 
Have you registered on the visiting 
list, or will the close of the year find 
you on th«k"I intended" listf. ...Mr. 

Lewis Hill was among the ill of lost 
week. . . .On returning from the funer- 
al of Mr. Fred Madison at Bonne 
Terra Tuesday*, B&rleigh Lodge re- 
ceived a menage telling of the death 
of another member, Mr. Harry Jacobs, 
which occurred at Ste. Genevieve, Mo. 


By J. K. Jones 

Miss Oltic Choatum, of Nashville, 
Tenn., Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. A. 
Sykes. .Mioses Erne and Bessie Daugh- 
erty spent two weeks in tho country, 

the guests of Mrs. Uhodes Mr. and 

Mrs. Ed. Wheeter, of Woodrow, were 
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert 
Upshnw'. ,. .Miss, Bessie Sherrill has 
oold one of her fine ptnyt and is ex- 
pecting a good sum' of money „ ..The 
revival nt Beulsb Baptist Church is 
meeting with great success.' 

, TT^T. 

By Julisji Pendleton. 
A surprise party waa given by Mr. 
Jno. Dnulnp for his wife, Mrs. J. Dun- 
lap. A. delightful luncheon was served 
and every one- highly :enjoyed them- 
selves. Those present wen: Misses Fan- 
nie Pendleton, Nancy Like, Clara Free- 
man, Ruth Ruaaelt] Helen Randell; 
Henry Pendleton, , Arthur Rsnae'.l, 
Sherman Handell,*Casswell Neb™, Dan 
W. Freeman, Julian Pendleton and 
Mrs. Bell Washington, of. 4315 Cots 
Brillisntc and Marie Pendleton, of 

202S Carr'St., iboth of St. Louis. 

Messrs.' William, John, Elmer and Wm. 
Jr. Freeman were the guests af their 
iiufciits last Sandav. 


White people who have bought more 
than one thousand lots ln old Klnloeh 
Park have been paying the earns. prices 
on the same terms as the Colored p*o- 
ply who have bought in South Xialoea 
Pork, If there is any difference, the 
Colored people have been getting the 
beet of It, because South Klnloeh Park 
is nearer the eitj and has better street 
ear mints 

' The good Colored people of South 
Klnloeh Park have built themselves a 
little city of which they have a right 
to be proud. , 

Mora than a hundred bomee, three 
eburehee, and. a splendid publie school 
have been built In the last few yean. 

And now ws have something new 
that is going to mean a bigger and Bet- 
ter Booth Klnloeh Park. 

We have been able to indues a lum- 
ber of white people of good standing 
to coma In with us and co-operate with 

* ■ — *■ aatdj thnii goad will to make 
South Klnloeh Park a bigger and bet- 
ter plaoe for tho seli- respecting Negro 
to 11** and make his home. 
- We have given these people a big 
share of our profits in order to gel 
their help, becsuss we believe It Is for 
-the benefit of everybody concerned. 

We have always beam ready to give 
land to the churches at a nominal prise 
— beaaues we believed they would help 
South Klnloeh Park. 

Wo have always been rendy to give 
lend to schools and publie institutions 
at ■ nominal price — beenuet we believed 
they would help South Klnloeh ' Park. 

And now we are giving land to n oar- 
tain number of white people of good 
standing 1 ' at . a nominal pries because 
we believs .their money, tkeir influence 
and their good will are going to help 
South Klnloeh Park. 

If. you have any friends who have 
been thHiVIng of buying, urge them to 
come out now, because there are fatggsr 
and better things In store for South 
Klnloeh Park. 


N ^ 

Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

If you would like lo hive mora - 
lustrous. Sowing, beautiful. I on a. 
straight hair; use one jar. of Zynol 
Hiir Grower ind Straightener. Price, 
50 cents, sent- prepaid everywhere. 'Re- 
liable -agent* 'wanted. Zynol Toilet 
Product* Co., 6 South Ewing Ave., 
St Lout). Mo. 


By Miu. D. Baker 

Mra. Jerry Bridges- hie returned 
from a visit to" St. Louis, tho guest 

of ber daughter,' Mrs. Koden Mr. 

P. M-. Cayee has made,racent improve- 
ments on his place, and has abut pur- 
chased more property, which ehows 
that Mr. Csyee has an eye for busi- 
ness. .Queen of Honor Court held me- 
morial services for the recent departed 
nnd^much loved Mrs.' Alice O. Jones 
at the Masenie Hell. ...At the recent 
election of officers of the Queen of 
Honor Court, Mr*. P. Boddie was 
elected Matron to suceeed Hre. W. I. 
Botwrts Mr. Fred Madisou was 




Largest Colored Fraternal Insurance 
. Order in the World. 

Insure! Against Old Age, Sickness, Permanent Disability, Accident and Death. 
$150,0)0 For Protection Of Policy Holder. 
$40 ,000 Paid aa Benefits 
$30,000,00 Of Insurance Written 
The Only Society Extending Woodcraft to Colored People 


Costa no moire than that Commercial Policy that 
(fives only sick benefits. For aame price you are 
■ now paying for little sick benefit. The American 
Woodmen will pay you' while you live and leave 
your family independent. 

Up-to-date; Ymu, Ahead of Dot: Outudm th* 8*at»n Path ol flare /nanrance. 
- Universally Popular Rates Never Changing 

' Sound as a. Gold Dollar Solid aa Gibraltar. 

Iniuire Of 

KNOX, T. At ROSS' and F. 
Douglass Hotel. Cor. Beaumont and Lawton 

Phone, Kin. Cen. 5396-L 




Qttfe &L Ccntla Argun 


Mmwiwr Cditw 

or and Advertising Manager 

J. E. tmcmBU, _ .... 



■ . Addrsai kit Communication to 


Phone. Botnont 1452 


On- Year , 

Six Months..'... . „S ' - !. 

.... 1.00 

Adveitialng Rate* Furnished on Request 

Kanri HHcnd-cLua matter April S. 1111 it ih. F«t OIIW* st S«»l Una. Hij 
tl» act <f B.rrll I. 1870. 


natiomau Niam nifi 


civil ww, we mad not speak, for the world knows the result of his 
manhood therein displayed. But it wu in the memorable siege of. 
Santiago and the ne\*er to be forgotten charge up Ban Juan Hill 
that he challenged the admiration of the American people and com- 
manded the turmiltueus applause of every liberty loving nation 
throughout the emitted world. And not once in wis gnat drama 
of American warfare has there been a traitor found in a black akin. 

NikMAi r^< A FtwII* Bast rata- Street: CUcwoa«c« Float A Prtat 

Aliuu nBJHk r™t * F™t Caaadlw BuUdtas; NaafiS offlca, FraitrmL 
'.Build hi. 


When the feeling became ripe that a hundred and fifty thou 
sand dollars we're needed to erect and equip a Y. M. C. A. Building 
for the colored men and boys of St Louis, a little more than a year 
ago. the question was. how can this amount be raised? The Board 
of Directors of the Central Branch agreed to give $75,000 and Mr, 
Julius Bosenwald, a Jew of Chicago, who has done much for the 
Nejrro rage, offered $25,000; and the challenge was put to the col- 
ored people of St. Louis to raise $50,000 to complete the desired 
amount. After the usual preliminaries, a Ten-day Campaign re- 
sulted in over $69,000 in Subscriptions being secured by the colored 

Them Came The Test . 4 

There was much speculation on the part of many people of 
both white and black Va to whether the $150,000 would be collect- 
ed. There seemed to be no doubt about the $25,000 coming from 
Mr. Rose nw aid; there seemed to be little double about the $75,000 
promised by the Board of Directors of the Central Branch of the 
Y. M. C. A.: but the $59,000 promised by the colored people was 
the work of speculation and the center of real doubt. This condi- 
tion brought the Ittal Challenge, the challenge of our manhood, 
the challenge of our womanhood, the. challenge of our business- ob- 
ligation, the challenge of our moral- obligation, and the challenge 
of our right to be counted among men and women. This challenge 
is being met bravely; this challenge is being met cheerfully,, and 
this challenge is being met through sacrifice. Doubt was particu- 
larly centered upon those who' made large pledges. Among them 
were the $5,000 pledged by Mr. and Mrs. Malone, proprietors of 
Poro College, and $1,000 each by Prof. Frank L. Williams, Princi- 
pal Sumner High School; Dr. William L. Perry, Physician; Mr. W. 
C. Gordon, a prosperous, undertaker; and one pledge of $500 hy 
Crittenden- Clark, a Lawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Malone have paid their 
pledge in full; and all the other pledges (except one) have been 
mostly paid.' ThU it meeting the challenge. . 

The $25,000, or the half-way mark, has been virtually met with 
' the cash. The colored people of St Louis are to be congratulated 
dn the splendid mark they have made. The ground for the new 
building will be' broken soon. Let every one meet the challenge 
in full by paying up their pledges. " 

1912. - - 

Of The SI. Louis Argus, publish'-*! 
weekly bt Skint Louis, Mo., for April 
1, 1817. 

Mute of Missouri, County of St. 

Before me, a notary public in and 
for the state and county aforesaid, per- 
tonally appealed J. E. Mitehel, who, 
having been duly •worn according 1o 
law, deposes and says that ha it the 
managing editor ol The St. Lo'.ii* Ar- 
KU.". and that, the following- (a, -to the 
beit of bis knowledge and belief, a 
true statement of the ownership, man- 
agement and (if a daily paper, - the 
cirrulnliori), etc.,' of the aforesaid jpub- 
Ik-ari-iiL for the date shown- in the 
above caption, required by the Act of 
August 24, 1912, embodied in section 
44.1. Postal Laws and Regulations, 
printed on the reverse of thia form, (o 

l: Tha 

the nam 

s and 

addresses nf 

the publis 

hfr, "dito 

. 'managing editor 

and bus in 

ess manager* ar 


r. The St 


Argus Pub 

lishing Co 

, St. I.di 

s. Mo 

h^it or. 

H. T, Meadows 

St. Louis 



K Kditor. 

J. E. 

Mitch el,- St 

'.oui*, Mo 


Manager*, non 

That tin. owners are: lOt 



ir a corporation, give Us name and thi 
names and addresses of stockholder 
owning or holding one per rent or mor< 
of the ttital amonnt of stock). 

J. K. Mitrhel. H. T. Meadows, Wm 
Mitebel, St, Louis. Mo.; L. E. Haw 
kins, St. Louis, Mo.; L, S. Carter, at 
Charles. Mo. 

X That the known bondholders, 
lortgagees, anil other security holder- 
wning^or holding one per. cent or moTe 
of -total amount of bonds, mortgages, 
r other securities are: (If there arc 


(Signed) J. E. Mitehel. 

Sworn to nnd subscribed before me 
ii- 24th day of March, 1817. 

Frankle G. Reed. 
(Notary Public Peal.) 
.My commission empires June 34, 


On last -Sunday the pastor, Dr. R\ 
I~ Smith, preached, two powerful ser- 
mons. The Sunday school, at 8:30 a. 
in.,- showed a great Improvement both 
in attendance' and finance. 

Next Sunday Dr. Smith will preach 
at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. At ,1 p, m. 
Rev, G. W, Clemmona, putor, anfl eon- 
gregntion of Semple ' Ave. Baptist 
Church will be present. Bev. Clem- 
mona will preach at this hour. Mem- 
bers are expected to bt present and 
visitor* and friends are welcome. 

Now that the great "Show- Up. 
Rally" is near at bane) the captains' 
and member* an working like trojaii*. 
Let every member join In and help. 

Monday night "A Grab Bag" enter- 
tainment at Mrs. Ella Howell's, 4023 

Tuesday night. Church Supper. 

Wednesday night. Parlor Social at 
387a Finney Ave. 

Friday night, Class Meeting. 

Saturday night, ' Cottage Entertain- 
ment at Mrs. L. M. Murphy's, 413*" 
Cottage Ave. * *, 

't every member be u booiter. 

Lincoln Institute 


With Quartern and Solo* 

Also representing the. Department Of 

At Metropolitan A. M.E. Zion Church 

'•_'. Garrison and Lucvt Avenues " 

Admission 25c. 

Come and heir the Students of Missouri's Great School 



".,*•*-. Kinjoeh, Central SM2 

Prosser'i Furniture & Storage Co. 

Tims Payment Dealer* In • 


3218-10 OK** ArM' .-/ Saint LhIi, Mi.soari 

■ "Mora For Your Money" 
Furniture Bought nnd Sold for Cash or Taken in Exchange for Moving. 



Up from every comer of' America comet the message that 
American Negroes are willing to fight and to die for this country. 
Great and powerful newspapers which a few -days ago told of Ne- 
groes being "influenced by. foreign foes, are today giving front page 
space in praise of the. past "history of trie despised black race and 
are telling in no uncertain tones that the Negroes are one-hundred 
per cent American when it comes to being loyal. 

Patriotic meetings among Negroes are being held in.every city 
of the land, giving the lie to the false impression that the Negro is a 
slacker. , 

But the, crowning tfreflt in the turn of sentiment came the- 
other day in Congress, when Representative. Huddles ton of Ala- 
bama in a stirring speech defended the loyalty of. the Negroes. 
He said "These reports about the possibility of a Negro insurrec- 
tion are almost .traitorous." "I have grown up with them. I play- 
ed with them in childhood. They are loyal, brave, and if called to 
the colors they will fight like men." "Some man in the South 
ought to stand up and apeak for these people who have beed so un- 
justly assailed." Representative Huddleaton's speech brought 
l forth a spontaneous outburst of applause. * V 

What must the "white portion of American citizenship'" think, 
when it is brought face to face with the fact that the very people 
who are despised, mistreated and denied their rights as men, are 
the people after aj, whose devotion to the country and whose loy- 
alty to the flag cannot be shaken. ■ -f . ' 

How they' must, feel, ,'it will take. the' Divine Maker to tell. It 
certainly must be a mean feeling for a fellow to suddenly realize 
that he baa been abusing and and vilifying his best friend. 


If there still be any scoffers; if there still are those who would 
dare question the right of the Negro to be clothed with/the full- 
ness of American citizenship, we say to them "go search the rec- 
ords". - 

On account of. a deep seated prejudice and a warped interpre- 
tation of right, historians have used their pens Sn such a way as to 
almost exclude any reference to this service of Negro soldiers in 
the various wars in which these United States have been .involved. 
None of the individual acta of unsurpassed bravery, courage cool- 
neaa and intrepid dash of the Negro regiments are recorded by 
those who have heretofore written our histories. 

Nowithstanding the fact that the sable sons of silent, wronged 
and magnificent Africa have borne a conspicuous part-in every war 
in which this country has engaged since the dark and gloomy days 
of tbe early part of the seventeenth century, long before/this "land 
of the free and home: of the brave" had taken its stand among the 
powers of the earth. The Negro has shared in the glory of Tren- 
ton and hia feet marked with blood the frozen banks of the iDela- 
ware. In the war of 1812 his dusky form was again seen in the 
ranks beneath the folds of "Out Glory." In tbe war with Mexico 
be helped carry that banner to triumphant success. Of the late 


-. anil Mra. Lemuel Brown, of De- 
troit. Mirh., were the hou»e jrnent* of 
Mr. and Mm. Virftil MrKniciit tbe taut 
week of March. The Browns beinff 
araonR home-f«]k» an<l oW acquaiot- 
aoeei-, their etar iru a very pleasant 
one :iii-i Mr*. MeKnight added much 
to their pleasure. They returned to 
Detroit in lime for Easter, -but aim 
My there in no ptaee liko old St. 

The Carondelet. Caah .Groeery has 
been i old to the Carondelet Investment 
Co., who now has charge o( the atore. 

We are glad to say that Mr. L. W. ia able to follow his dally or 
cupatton and truly, the Sonday sehool 
ehildren's heart. leaped for Joy when 
he appeared at hit post' of duty Sun- 
day at Corinthian. 

A eertain young man of (loode Ave. 
made a flying trip ■ to Hot Spring-. 
Why, we know- not, but k do kno^. 
a charming, widow is there and prob- 
ably Cnpid accompanied them on a 
stroll .-,'*. 

Mr. C. C. Black is enrTeTing from a 
severe attack of rhenmatiam. 

tittle Jeaae Hendricks has juat re- 
covered from an attack .of pneumonia. 


"Broken Piece*" was the theme of 

'.' Johnson r s discourse last Sunday 
morning, which war well received by 
the largo congregation. Old St. Paul 
taking on new life a* is evidenced 
hy the increase in membership and at-, 
tendance. Standing room was at a pre- 
i Sunday morning and the doors 
to be raised to seat the people in 
the Lecture Room. 

The church is thoroughly organized 
in every department and with the 
amount of peace and harmony that ex- 
ists, together with the strong and logi- 
cal sermons preached by Dr. Johnson, 
it i* no wonder that so many strangers 
from the South and other portions of 
the country, And their way to onr 

Be on time next Sunday to hear Dr. 
Johnson on one of his favorite sermons. 

Preaching Sunday* at 11 a. m. and 
1 p. m. Class meeting Tuesday, R p. m. 
Prayer meeting Thnrsdsy, S p. id. and 
Sunday morning at 6 o'clock. 

Sontn Klnlocb Park 

Wo are progrensiog under the lead 
ership of a worthy .pastor, Bev. A. P 
Harrotd.; Ve are putting forth every 
effort to enlarge qur church, and the 
foundation is to 1 be completed this 
week. Every auxiliary of the church 
is alive, our eaptaius are confident of 
their sueeescMay 27, in the first finan- 
cial rally of the season. Come,(s.nd 
help ns, we need your h»lp. sp«>ial 
services Sunday afternoon at ■'*il30. 
The Lord 'a Supper will be observed at 
p. in. All are welcome. Our 
pastor preached an excellent sermon 
t&tuday, evening,' his subject was 
"Go." Bev. A. P. Hcrrold, pastor, J. 
Wilsbn, clerk. 

their congregations are invited, u an 
interesting program baa been arranged. 
The installation .of tho officers of the 
North St. Louis Union Volunteer! was 
a most brilliant affair, and a three- 
course supper waa served in dining 
room of the ehnreh. . Our revival will 
begin April ZZ. All are invited. -Rev. 
W. W. Perry, pastor; Lillian, Pinkney, 


Laat Sunday Was one of those rec- 
ord breaker* from the standpoint of 
attendance at the Metropolitan A. .11. 
E. Zion. Church. Every, seat in the 
ehareh was taken, and ' many ■ were 
standing. It being quarterly confer- 
ence day, presiding elder, '8. D. Davis, 
'tiled tbe pulpit daring the entire day. 
.Several new peorJe. united with the 

The people of the ' South seemed to 
flock to the eorneT-nf ; Garrison and 
"Loca* Avea. If may he due to the fact 
that Bev. B. Q. Shaw, who i* a native 
of Mississippi, make, it juat a little 
attractive for the people of his homr 
(the Sunny Sooth). The Metropolitan 
Chnreb is not. only noted for its great 
spiritual powers but its social fane 
tiona are far beyond that of the ordi- 
nary eknreh. 

The putor will fill the pulpit Sun- 
day morning and evening. The choir 
will render special selections from 
Farmers' Mass and One Sacred Patri- 
otic JTumber. ..--». 

Sunday school has on a membership 
campaign and i* inviting all lover* of 
the church and Sunday school Jo take 
> part. 

Tbe month of May will be a month 
of festivities ' at the Metropolitan 
Church: Every night in the month 
there will be something- big and attrac- 
tive for all people who are lovers of 

That room earn soon . 
•artUe in The Argus 

ranted. Ad- 


Elnrwood Park 

Sunday services are morning and 
evening. The pastor gave oa some good 
advice-' Sunilay morning from his sub- 
ject, "Bring the children to Christ 
for he calls for toem. " At night his 
subject wn'» "Cod"g»ve them up." 
The Sunday-school, B. Y, P. U. -and 
Mission Circle are striving and. £fay- to be in. front rant in nil lines.' 
There -will be ordination services 
Wednesday, April 25. at B:00 o'clock 
p.. m., for tbe purpose, of ordaining 
Brother Robert Nathan for deacon. 
Don't forget'-our baptizing, the first 
Sonday' In May.. All are welcome.. 
Take Tieip Coeor Lake car, and get 
off at Marion Ave. Rev. 3. P. Nichols, 
pastor. Sister. J. Uaduun, clerk. 


The fight is on. Members, have you 
sharpened your sword* with, prayers) 
Are yon ready for the ' conflict I The 
battle- la bot.'and we need your assist- 
ance'. Dr. Morris is not sparing him- 
aelf ; phase fill yuur place in the 
ehnreh, and bring same sinner with 
you. . At last Sunday'* service* ' there 
ana one addition to -the church.' Come 
Bee. D. W Morris, pas- 




The Union aet April IS, with El 
Bethel Church, Bev. W. W. Perry, 
pastor. After devotional services, the 
speaker of tbe hour, Rev. llsll, deliv- 
ered a good gospel sermon. Bey. Hall 
waa filled with' the Holy Spirit and 
brought a burning message to ua. -The 
TJaiaa 'extends sympathy to Mrs Bus- 
by and little .laughter in their grief. 
Rev. T. W. Lee wna reported seriously 
ill. The next meeting will be with 
Mr.' Olive Baptist ChnKh, Bev. A. 
Dixon, pnator, UOS Morgan. ' Collec- 


Sunday will be a busy day at Cen- 
tral. Preaching at eleven o'clock, the 
Lord's Supper at S:.'iO and preaching 
at night. Pastor Steveni will be in 
from the country, Rev. R. H. C. Sydnor 
will preach and assist tho pastor 
through the day and the Bev. Zac. 
Harris will preach at night. Last 
Sandny was a notable day at Central 
Church- One of the largeat audience* 
in many week* was present and the 
pastor's first appearance in- several 
weeks made the occasion* inspiring to 
him and to the church. The young 
people's special song program at night 
was most enjoyable to tbe many who 
heard it- The noted Bible teacher, the 
Dr. S. N. Vans* will hold a Bible 
institute at the Central Church in 
May from the ninth to the eighteenth, 
a period! of ten dayiu This Bible in- 
stitute will ^no doubt prove to be a 
notable event, for- Dr. To** holds no 
second ptaee to any Bible scholar and 
instructor in the country.- All stu- 
dents of the Scriptures are urged to 
attend.- Central will begin her great 
spring financial campaign by searching 
the Scriptures under the lead of this 


A great revival meeting baa been ai 
for three weeks nt our church. Rev. 
Jackson and -Rev. Dickey, have been 
with ns, and greatly stirred the West 
Side. We' will baptize, next Sunday 
at the St. James A. It E. Church, at 
2 p. m. sharp, and we hops- all' candi- 
dates will be ready.' ~At 4 p m. the 
hand of Christian fellowship will be 
given' tbe candidates and new mem- 
bers; the ehurofa covenant taken, and 
the Lord 'a Supper observed. A free 
reception'- will be given the new mem- 
bers next'Friday night. It will be a 
social an.d religious gathering by tbe 
members and friend?. The gen 
public ia invited. No 

Try Madam Bailey'* wonderful hair 
restorer. This shuwa tha great results 
of bcr wo.rk after one and one-half. 
yeara' treatment. She is alway* 
pleased to see you at any time,' at 
4211 Finney Ave,, or call Lindell 

Visit My Parl«r 

For real satisfaction in the treat- 
ment of the hair, calf at my parlor 
LEI.A BUCK, ' 4441 Kennerly Ave, 


9 are pleased to announce that itr. 
J. T. Bush, Prof. B. D. Hamilton, and 
Mr. J. E. .T.onsic g, and Mrs. Q. Thomas 
are specially anthoriied to take appli- 
cations for membership in the St. Louis 
Camp of .American Woodmen.' The 
campaign for 1,000 members is on at 
special dispensation of S3.00. ' Geo. C. 
Martin, National -Deputy- ' 


-: BY - 



The past weeh has been a great 
week at onr church, celebrating the 
third anniversary- of Rev. Dnnevant 
pastorate. Each department: of the 
church rendered a program on its re- 
spective night. . Monday night, April 
16, all organizations made their final 
report, and turned over to the- ehnreh 
$815.66 as the result of their efforts of 
tha paat two weeks. This is onr first 
money to apply on , tho new ehnreh 
building, which we will erect in 'the 
Bear future. The visitors of various 
Baptist churches enjoyed the well pre- 
pared luncheon nerved last Monday 
ight free to all. present. '_ 


Elnrwood Park. St. Loula Oouatr 
Preaching Sunday at II a. m. and B 
p. m. Sunthiy school at i p. m. B. 
P. U. at 8:30 p. m. Prayer 
meeting Thursday & p. m. Mission 
Circle first and third Wednesdays in 
each month it 8 p. m. 
first Sunday in each month 
Nichols, PaatOT. 

lerfnl cncyeioji 

It in a wonderful encyclopedia "of 
tha race, and ia . without an equal. 
The publisher stakes hia reputation on 
this snntemeut. Reading the book will 
verify this claim. Bend IS cents la 
stamps a ad get the book free. Ii-wilS 
■peak for itself. Agants wanted 
Addreaa R. (Soode, manager, S303 
Market St. - > —-- ' \.-. 

Glasses to fit your eyes for 

$1 .00 and Up. 

Gold Filled Eye Glass Frames 
and Hoontiiur of the very best 
quality and lowest prices. 

2335 Market St. 
IT Year* in Jewelry and Optical 

Merit does, And its true reward. Ia' 
tha Snal summing up. people pun for 
what they actually are. The gauge of 
Merit works straight and eouncL Lock 
and Chance are tb* mere teener* of 

nta, >ji 

Merit nothiaiTieDeath yrjo. 
Do more than is expected of 70s. 
Do each .tank better- than people think 
yon can.. Believe all thing* are poa- 
alble with you and yon cannot tall to 
Merit big. It Is better to aim for Per- 
lection and mlM- It, than- to aim at 
Imperfection and bit IL 

Merit 'nothing beneath jou. , 
- Be not troubled over tbe accidents 
o* ■ Destiny. The rale of Merit will 
■aiety gnlde yon Jnto the wide way of 
.Winning. True Merit, ia the rule and 
not tbe exception. Thousands of pagan 
' History illustrate this truth. 
Merit nothing beneath j-ou. 
Whatever, yon Merit and are worthy 
to receive, yoo wllr get. Concentrate 
-- thoughts for the purpose of elevat- 
■oct Alma nnd Ideals, for these 
they that lend yoo on and' up. 


*3 \j 

* V. I 



Mr. and Kn. Jas. Tntt hive removed 
from 3956 Money to 3*05 Finney. 

Q. A. Alien, of 43M Kennerly 
Ave., is visiting bar mother In Jefler 
City. . . , . ' - 

The funeral of Mr. Burl Almslead, 
SMI Pint, wiD be fold Sunday, April 
22 from Pythian Temple. | 

Qlrla' Club will be 
seen in a "Novelty Sport" party 
Thursday, April 26 at Pythian Hall. 

There services, u usual at 
the AH Saints Episcopal Church Sun- 
day at 11:30 and 8"iM. 

Robert Anderson, Jr.; bat, returned 
from a 2,500 mile trip through tbe 
sooth for bia health'. 

Your watch ibonld be cleaned once 
a year. Consult tbe watch and jewelry 
doctor. 2335 Market Street. 

Mm. Lillian Carter, of the Argus 
stall was .in Warren ton. Mo., two 
days last week on business. 

Prof. A. R- Chinn, Chief Gd. Meter, 
of tho Knights of Tabor of Missouri, 
was ■een in' St. Louis daring the pant 

Mrs. .U«ir Hunt, of 1T24 Whittier, 
left this week, for Edmonton, Alberta, 
Can., where she will be joined by hus- 
band and brother. 

Owings to the inclement weather of 
last week, Mrs. Mah-lu. Q. Turner did 
not retorn to tbe hospital till April 
11. She U much Improved. 

Seventeen yean of hones! upright 
business hu won far ■•many eaatam- 
Br* and friends. ■ Dr. William Knight, 
(far jeweler. 2333 Market St. - 

Musical comedy, "A Butler in Ha- 
waii," presented by Mrs. "A. H. Officer, 
.Under the direction of Mrs. Grace Key 
Carieton," Monday, May 21, at Pythian 


Miss Elsie Kineanno'n,' of.fli. Johns. 
111., while attending the- Southwestern 
Tenrhflrs' Jnntithte of Illinois, spent 
a few days with Miss Anna Belle 

Mr. Emmitt MEefcets, wfio has been 
in Hot Spring*, Ark., for the past four 
months,' spent a few day* with "his 
sister, Mrs.' Addie Moore, SA43 Ber- 
nard, en route to De* Moines, la. 

. _Mr. John Map, of 2927 Lawton 
*< Ave., has returned from 8sn Antonio, 
Teias., for an indefinite stay. .He re- 
ports real summer time there, anil is, in 
floe health. • - 

Mrs. E, H. Robinson, of 1430* West 

Belle has Returned from her visit to 

Nashville, Torn, where she was the 

guest of her sis tar- in- law for three 

Special for thirty days. Bring .us 
your old jewelry, we will design and 
make new jewelry of tbe latest styles. 
Whr not cell now and talk it over 
-with us, 2335 Market St. 

H-. 'Redmond, of 3423 Oootle 
■pent ■ few days at Hot 
Ark., last . week, visiting 
friends. Humor bss"~it > little girl 
down there In why he reports such an 
enjoyabla trip. ,-_ 

Mrs. Bells Ukle, 3T4B Destrborn St.. 

Chicago, 1)1., died Monday, the ninth 
of April, and was buried In Chicago. 
Mrs. Ukle will be remembered by 
many as having resided at HIM Law- 
ton Ave., this city, for many years; 
bat had mail' her home, in -Chicago for 
the past four years. 

Mr. V. Sheekleford, formerly of this 
filr. but now. residing in Detroit, 
Mich., passed through the city last 
week eh. routs to Tipton, Mo;, to .at- 
tend . tho funeral of his sister, Miss 
Nora. cThsckleford. 

There will he a parlor soeiil Satur, 
Mt. April IB, at the residence of Mrs. 
L. B. Murphy, 4ZM Outage Ave., for 
the benent of Lane Tabernacle C. if. 
E. Chureh, -Rev. N. L. Smith, pastor, 
Mrs. 1... B. Murphy, captain. 

Concert by liannektr School a.t Y, 
W. C. A. Friday, May 11. 

Dr. Geo. Halt, of Chicago, -will be 
the guest of the Y. M. O. A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Turner an 
now residing with Mrs. Frank Estel. 
of Aubert Avenue. 

The many friends qf-Mrs. Eva Hop- 
son will hi* pleased to know that she 
is now able to go out. 

Mrs. Matiie Anderson, of 3935 West 
Belle, is still confined to her bed, this 
being the third week of her U3ncss. 

'Mrs. Johnson, of Chicago, daughter 
of Mrs. Jae. shaft ner, baa 'been quite 
ill at her mother's home here, in, this 
city. - 

Miss Belle Kelley, hairdresser, of 
Florence, Ala., is in our city this week 
tbe guest of her mother, Mrs. Hat tie 
Kelley, 3202 Pine St. 

The Twelve Knights held their reg- 
ular monthly meeting March 20 at the 
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Terry, 
2021 Lanibdin. 

Rev. Goo. Stevens, his wife nm 
daughter, Helen, have gone up to thi 
farm at Wood River, 111., for a twi 
weeks' rest- 

Mrs. John Bob-on, 3512 Michigai 
Ave., was home to the Frnu „ Frnui 
Thursday, April 19. An unusually en 
joynble evening. »as spent. 

Mr. P. C. Giwns, editor of the 
"Searchlight," Sedalia, Mo rl during. bis 
brief visit to St. Louis this wee k, paid 
bis respeots to tbe editor nf the Argus, 
by calling at the office. . ' 

Through the efforts of Mr. T. A. 
Dickson, western manager of the 
Standard Life Ins. Co., Mrs. Nellie 
Ager ha* - Leroniv one of the lui'al 


Arthur J. Pieree.^-.. .J..290T Boll 

1*7. X. Johnson ......2323a Pine 

Charley Williams... £903 Laclede 

Ethel Rowsu 1313 Ooto .Brilliants 

Frank K. Jones .....aaiti Elliott 

Ida May Cohron. :.£94Sa Clark 

Neadom Whither 27 Johnson 

Mrs. Mattie Blakemnu. ..,3o 'Johnion 
frank Adams ........ ...40*4 Cook 

Fraukie Boyd.i.... ;wB 8. 22nd 

William Frierion 1SI7 Lucas 

Mrs. Malinda Pick r in 1727 Lucas 

William Bodge 2328 Chestnut 

Alberta Lang .2228 Chestnut 

Anton Killmrn .3-109 Ghwk 

Mrs. Ardelia Andrews ,..;:. 

..„ "...'. JSOBa N. Ncwstead 

Dnvid Davidson ...2655 Lucas 

Estella Mufy . '..3210 Lucia 

Will Llggins .1224 X. 12th 

Lula Montgomery ........ .1^23 .Clark 

U07 1". 23rd 

.Memphis, Tonii. 
...Madison, III. 
....Madison, -III. 
..2220 1-2 Wash 

23-52 Can 

William Camp 1235 S. Garrison 

Everett UndcrwoodV 1K24 Wash 

Garl E. rVuill 3336 Latvian 

Evelyn oaten*, Kriton Festus, Mo. 

William Griffin Duke :...., 

;.., 7011 .N. Ijomng-cll 

Carrie May Walker. 

70H N". Lcffingiiill 

John H. O. Wbitted Chicago, III. 

Mildred' M. Brown . .SfW -York, N. V. 

Ed Blount 22011 Walnut 

Osio Belle West 220li Walnut 

Mose Hopkins 4.13 Antelope 

Alberta Cause 322 S. 23ro" 

John Kice MSH I'apin 

Laura Hn»kju* ...... 710 H 1Mb 

James H. Kant. Jr..'...rSt. Louis, Mo. 

Mac a.MeriJuisn.. 31S0, Laeli'de 

/ - -tf- ; fasjpion 

Julius Mitchell «43a S. Market 

Kuyenia'Tilgbniun.. ..4243b K. Marker - 

Dr. W. L. Vaughn, recent, graduate 
o* Meharry Medical and Pharmaceuti- 
cal Course in a- visitor in the city, the 
guest of his brother attorney, Geo..L. 
Vaughn, .'_■ 

' Mrs. Homer 0. -Phillips hsa returned 
to'*!, iJouis after spending the winter 
in Hot Springs and Little Hock, Ark. 
She was- accompanied by her-husband, 
Attorney Phillips, who had been visit- 
ing her for tbe past ten days. 

Dr. and Mrs. Stevens, accompanied 
by their daughter, Helen, are spend. 
ing a short while- in Alton, their sum- 
mer home. ' Dr. Stevens will 'rclurn 

for the Sunday services at Central 

Baptist Church, 

Jane Bullock was quietly mar 
i Mr. O. TV.i'Hcmingwsy at thi 
if her parents April 3,/kev. N 
th officiating. They at/ at home 
,r friends st 4045 poolc Ave 
-Mode-ll 34MB. 

The "Hundred Dollar. Clab" made 
its dehut at the residence of Mr. and 
Mrs. Benj. King. 4034 West Belle, 
April 15.' Mr. V. ».■ Bolen will be 
bout to the clab, at the" residence of 
Dr. and Mrs. Cradnpcjt, April 2S. 

.The Eieelwnr Culture Clnb met with 
Mrs. Mae Steele. .44.W Kennerly Ave., 
Anril B- snd the lives of Bftoher T. 
Washington and Frederieh ■ Dooglata 
"cr.. d i sen sard. ' A nleasent evening 
was spent- ' Lanrn Henderson, presi- 
dent j Oertrnde Brown, secretarr; Mao 
Etu Steele, reporter. 

A dellghtfol evening was spent 
AprH 13. UMhe residence of Mrs. 
Joseph Edwards. 1911 Division Street: 
nn" which, occasion. Mrs. I.. E. Haw- 
klls entertained some fri>nds in honor 
of her fansband's birthday-. Dancing 
tnd gamei, immemrly enjoyed try all, 
were followed' by- a gorgeous luncheon. 
The following- jmestt were ftresent: 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard, Mr. and 
Mrs. D. Whitted. Mf. and. 'Mrs: Oem- 
mons, and Mr. Walker Fletcher. 

, Mra TV Porter. 2009 Market Place, 

after spending nine months, with re>l' 
tives and friewda io Illinois and Ken- 
tucky, baa ratsrned to the elty. She 
reports the loan of her father. Mi; Jno. 
Steele dnrinf/ bar sojourn. She «a- 
prcM to male another trip in tbe near 

The Pint ' An-.iail Reeeptiod of the 
E. Li C. Clnb. April ]«, at the Pythian 
I Hall, was well attended by both the 
■_,. younger and older social set. The Hall 
iraa beautifully . decorated in their 
■ ■:■;'■ colors, -Mue and whit* and palnu. 
Every on* -seesaed to have enjtqred a 
pieaaant evening., The clnb wishes to 
tbaah even- une fssr* the interest, they 
-.*.:-• ed In the ehtb, fay st tending their 
(b^IL Miw Oeee Cnftonne, nraddent; 
Miss Idell Hnbbert. secreUry, 

Miss Harriet 'l.amh was at home to 
the Coterie Girls rHtnrday from .2:K 
to 6:30 at tbe beautiful bomeiof Miss 
Ethelyn L. Board. The decorations 
were in keeping with the times with 
flags galore, indeed It was a patriotic 
party. Ten members , were present. 
Gnestn were: Misses Zenobla Williams. 
Pearl Adams and Mrs. <". A. Lpwi«. 

Mia* Z. K. Shonlden, President; MiM 
Grace L. Williaras, Secretaiy.- 

The West End Art Ctuh was enter- 
tained by its president, Mra. H. Gsns, 
43M Cote Brillinate. on April 11. Af- 
ter tbe regular routine of business, a 
delicious luncheon was served in two 
courses. ' The hostess then presented 
each member with a beautiful basket 
artistically made ofa ifbbon, bearing 
the crab fwtors. -green- and gold. The 
elnb la anticipating a vefy pieaaant 
t'iaie on May 3, at which event n (rand 
reception win take place at the resi- 
dence of Mrs- Lee .on Lucky St. Work 

done by the dab win Map be on c ihibi- 

Tbn beat in the itttc, Lincoln In- 
stitute Glee and Mandolin Clubs, in 
solos, quartettes, elocution and ex- 
pressioo. At Metropolitan . Church 
May «, - 

Thoraas J. New 
Mamte Go rdon 
William Evans. 
Sallie, Jenkins 


A young man 27 years old hnvnij; 
steady employment and good habits, dp 
sires to get acquainted nith lady be- 
tween IB and 25 ( neat appearance and 
a Christian". Photos eichanged. Ob- 
ject matrimony. George Jordan, 21)12 
Lawton Ave.^St. I^iuis, Mo. 

■ ' TfW. .C. A,. NOTES 

Listen! Madam Anita Pattie Brown, 
our gTOat singer, will appear at the 
Y. W. C. A. May 1*. Keep the date! 

The address of Miss Mary O. Evans 
on "Service and Its Joy," made st 
the Association meeting Thursday eve- 
ning, was a wonderful inspiration tn 
those who beard it. 

With the reports given »t 'his meet 
ing Our 1917 budget campaign hal 
about reached the three thousand dol- 
lar (13,000.00). mark. Everyone i« 
jubilant over the splendid wurfc done 
by our campaign workers. 
- W v are still working and hope to re- 
port having reached our 15,000 goal at 
no early date. . 

The "Modern Prisciilae," a new rluh 
of high school girls under the direc- 
tion of Miss Lillian Vandrrbutg and 
Miss Vemba Brown, enjoyed a gr<*t 
time in an indoor picnic given in our 
gymnasium Saturday afternoon. Tbe 
girls were very attractive ftt-flieir pic- 
nic eos turn cs. Everyone had a jolly 
good time at. this first picnic of the 
season. All success to the Modern 

. A bright and happy bunch of "Wo 
He Lei;' girls under Miss Miriam Cur- 
tis help keep'things lively at the Assn 
cistroB on Saturday afternoons. They 
are lobing forward withjnuch enthusi- 
asm, to -the -debate to be held nrit 
Saturday. Miss Marie (lossin has «sP 
corpe a "popular leader among the 
younger girls on Saturdays. 

Mrs. _C. K. Bobtnsou und" Mrs. 
Howard were valuable chaperons at 

r« nation -Sours on SSltirday .^veninif. 
RecreatloB eveninp bMoine\more. and 
more popular among the ymwg - *aieD 
and women. '■*""-" 

Tennis, swimming and gnrdeninx 
clubs are now being formed among the 

ing talk- at Vespers Sunday afternoon. 
Our Wednesday prayer group and 
Bible Class ha* become a groat power 
and strength to our work. 

Dr. William Knight has . carefully 
■atisded over 1,00ft people, in the year 
lOIfl. whp.had IrAuble-with their ayes. 
Th.-v had their eye* tented and glass- 
es 'fltted at £335 Market St. 

Shirt waists, lace curtains, and 
blankets done reasonably. Auto de- 
livery service. Call. Lin M 4054; Del- 
mar 3A4SL. Bessie Page, Propri- 
etre-s; Charles T. Bboda, Manager. 
43S4 St. Ferdinand Ave. ' ' 

Whan at Mew Tork Civy Tbdt th* 

Truman 'it Eichanga and Baanty Parlor, 
US W. 132nd M. Km*. B. B. nakbt 
VoOng. prenr. 'nana M-1M. ' 


Williani iicard. "26.SF- Kandoipli 45 

Prank Grafton, 1128 Brooklyn 35 

Helen McCoy, 302ft Lawton .',. 1 

John Biehardeon, SB08 Morgan S3 

Willie William, 2008 Market SS 

John Crow, 109 a )0th 44 

Charlotte Jones, 2324 Pine SB 

Annie Taylor, 4224 N. Market. .>.. ..1.1 

Jntaea Prultt, 81S N. 23rd... « 

Janes Xoel. 2224 Morgan 4S 

Charles Lee, 4577 Gotblte. 42 

Allan Brooks, 2908 Laclede 2S 

Jennie Staekey, 4303 Delmnr. .2d 

Vivian Ca.mpbell, 123(1 S. Broadway. 14 

Viola Johnson, 2630 Lawton 22 

Enurline Ellis, 1003 Brooklyn 60 

James Moss; 4238. San Francisco... .70 

Julia Johnson," IIS. Spruce S7 

Katie Jenkins, 1534 Gratiot 02 

Jordan W. Brown. 610 Clark. ..:... ,63 
Joshua Baker, City Hospital. .......38 

Sallie Morgan, 205 S. Ewing 17 

Williani Hurley. 1327 Morgan.. SS 

Lney Dreeory, 415 8. Ewing ,.. 1 

William Smith. City Hospital 49 

BorTrll Arm stead, 3*41 Pine ,-.8> 

Alice Kidd, 4B34 I*. Market. (I 

Lucy Balton, 140T Pine.. ...52 

TSr. Burrell Arms tend, of 3441 Pine 
Street, died Sunday. April IS. Funer- 
al service* to be held Snndav. April 
22. at Pythian Hall, 3137 Pine 8t u 
under auspices of Ontrard Lodge No. 
ir A. P. and A. M, All master .mas- 
ons are requested to be at Pvthlan 
HaJI-al 12 m. sharp, ' 


'Mi»s X'ora' A. Bharkelfoirl, nf Tip- 
ton, died Thursday. April 5, after sev- 
eral months' . illness. The , funeral 
services ivere eonducted Sunday after 
noon by Rev. I. W. Roland, pastor of 
Bums dispel M. E. Chureh. The 
beautiful Hotal designs rcceiv pi from 
8L Louis and Kansas City,' are est- 
dence nf her ninny friends. A letter 
of condolence from Miss Ida Mae Sod; 
frey. teacher in one of the schools nf 
Kansns City," was a piernreaqne ser- 
mon in itself.- Rev, Roland deliverer] 
an able and impressive scminn. which 
waa appreciated highly by tho immedi- 
ate family and relatives. She leaves 
a mother, two sisters, five brof hem, and 
a . host nf relatives and friends to 
mourn their loss. 


We uish In thnnk our mnny friends 
and relatives for their sympathy shown 

the loss of our dear son and brother. 
James R. Marshall, We especially 
thank Rev. O. B. Shaw tot his kind 
and oonsoling words; the eboir for 
thbir' beautiful music; Mrs. Clara 
Martin for her beautiful solo: the pall- 
bearers, for their services, and the tm : 
dertaher, J, -H-. Harrison, for his kind 
and efficient services. Also for the 
many beautiful floral offerings. Mri*. 
Luciudn Marshall, mother, Miss Wil 
lette V. Toles, sister. 


We wish to extend our sijWkfTC thank* 
to frien.ds and neighbors fnr their kind- 
ness during the illness and death of 
,,ii- beloved father and husbaod. Mr. 
rhas. Bus,by, who departed this life 
April 11, JB17, for the beautiful floral 
offerings and kind wards of sympathy 
eitended by .the church, and auiili- 
sriea of El Bethel Baptist Church. Al- 
so- tbe ministers, for their- eoosoling 
words, and Mr. J. H. Harrison, under- 
taker, for his courteous attention. 
Signed by wife, Parfhenia Busby, and 
daughter, Alberta Bushy. 


Mrs. Millie . A. Sharkclf.ini and 
family wish to eipress rbanks to 
the many friends, for theiivsym pathetic 
kindness . during" the illness and be 
nt of their daughter nod 

■ ■ '; Pak»» 8 


The Slaughter System 

./ f6r 



System taught by mail or at College 

For further information, write the 


Saint Louis, 


'•* r Tii7Ti'*n711FrrTTr7frrT rTMsT*™"™ r ™Tslifflr" ,n ir"Tiss*sM'ss1ssiMi l 




MOtiu- s i. ass 


s. '5^ 

nst^^ssssawnnW F!T 


iWe also guarantee that 
tbe teeth will not be con- 
tinually breaking off. i 

The VAN-DOW CENTAL CO.. 614 Olive St. 



General Hauling 

A, WRIGHT. Manager. 

Phone: Boraont 1851-R 2753 WALNUT ST 


OrOsra hair on hald heads in .thirty 
days, 'or mone^ - refunded, Write 
Francis Hakor, the scalp speeinlist, U20 
Uputh Trinity fit., Mexico, Mo. 


' A lady unarioaeorj in hair work, to 
no out. Phone, Olive IMn frons-S to 
p. m. 'Sonrinv. Miss McDontild. 

WANTED.— Foil r intelligent younc 
men to rrpresent the Arr^ua. A good 
proposition. Bee Mr. liur.k Haiurda/ 


r Oo, to Gurnet's Fish and .Vegetable 
Market, a new Cutorod Bntrrprise, at 
Jfl'lO .V. SarajL A large- soBpTy of 
fish, vrp'tatilea and (k.ii.j- dressed 
pooltrv, at Inwe't priees, nlways on 


,K erisl* in our foimtry is again call- 
ing you to the front, win- stand you 
heYe idlcl 

Wa want 2.000 fighting men between 
the ages of IN and 35 of good moral 
^character to represent oar race in-thv 
Aoimcr at our eountry. Wilt,ypu.b« 
onel If so, then report at oucc to-our 
headquarters. 2733 Market ntreet, and 
givo yniir name and address to Walter 
Fcaranee, orcaniiation tlerk. 

~V ' B. E. Watkins, Orsraniier. 

Mm. 6. A. . Humphrey often a 
■panial price for one fall eonrse In 
dressmakinit, cutting, fitting, -and de- 
signing. All worked guaranteed. A" 
roaaplete eourse ' in six weeks. Price, 
KM. This offer is 'sood for thirty' 
days onrr, beginning Monday, April 
0, tad ciosisg May 1 Addroft isifi 
Ooooo Are. * ■*' 


-Oeorgia Ann stead, -daughter of fius 
Arastead, please answer- and give »d 
draa*. in regard to real . tatate ~ at Knob 
r.iek', M'.. ' H. P. Bare, fl«Ta Rertling 

rominfc "Tho Crisis," tuur day* 

Why e 

onlv. Commeneing Tlmrsday, April Efl 

:o 2M, at The Pendlelun Theiiier. Fen- 


lleton an"d Finney Area, Tirkots now 

un sale at Hsrris' Drug BtOre, .lefTer- 

si>n and Lawton. Bonner k Inge, 1'en 

diet on and North Market, and theater 

trfir offlrr. All seats resenid. Ad- 

mission ■--'> eents. 



Kin. Phone Victor Moo^R 



Dealer in. New and Second Hand Goods 

lede Av 

Bought and Sold. Light Hauling. 

2tB ChsUSO *M. . Bl.LwiU. M». 

Agents Wanted 

T. Haailt dERMATAS HAIR »«d 

We Buy and Sell, Pups, 
Canaries, Parrots, Etc. 

; Call or write 

.New Bird and Dag Stow 
3111 Olive St. - -St. Louis 

If yon want a home cooked. Sunday 

dinner, stop at Swans Candy 
Wa serve Inneh daily. " Dinner every 

cant I give yon tbe sain a or 
durements offered by any dell- - 
I am barked by a HOM.OOO 

I can and .do sell at manu- 

s prjee. My showroom is 

nt great is its factory resources. 

i 'i have to pay (he middlemen's 

ynu hitv- from mo. Prices 

n Ihe fartory lo yoor horns.' 

Tins, from 1400 to 11,000; 

B te $.100. You don't need 

times gel hard, we «n oarry 

! as anyoae. Fbons Bomont 

■all at my store, 2005 Lae- 

C, II. .Watkins. 


Anyone knowing the wheresbuts ol 
John >'»'•■;. -formerly -it Memphis 
Tenn., nnonld' notify Captain Johnson 
of the"I*«ledB Station or the Argus ' 
office. His sitter,' Mrs. Branch, wisbei 
to hear . f- ■■: bim. 


Green has found it. Positively fo&nd 
it.- A pure enro for rheumatiinn, neu- 
ralgia, hen, 'aches, pains in the back 
and side, indigestion,' cats, bums, 
bruises, sore throat, bad cold, rramp,- 
colie, ate. 

And an niudleut remedy for douenns. 
These fa'tta ire verified by many teati-' 
monies 'of both raeea. 

Ajranta wanted everywhere. For par- 
tienlan call or. write, A. B. Oreen. B330 
Wagner Ave., ft. Louis, Mo. 


Dont forget the Catholic Knights' 
Ball, April 9: at Pythian HaTL 

^ ; : .,-.^__.__....,. ; _^,_,. 




Negro Business 








Personal, Business and Pro- 
fessional Cards, Business 
Chances, For Sale or Rent 
Houses, Stores, Flats, 5c per 
line; minimum 15c. 

Help Wanted. Situations Want- 
ed, For Rent Rooms, Rooms 
and' Board, 5c per line; mini- 
mum 15c. 

Display Ati 50c per inch 
Special Rates on 4-time Ads. 

oultet'9 Dana stoke 

Tfce aid Picket no re, Jefferson ud 
Lawton 4w% Cat rate prise*. This 
store it often imitated, bat n 


hiHlii beautiful lot 50.190, with 
• nise three- ruoni honee, cellar, water Is 
boose, get, end good cistern water on 
the outside, two porebe* on nortb and 
south <idfi. Granitoid in front, near 
Court Hooee. Worth J2,200, tu be 
bought (or (1,81)0 tub. Call and In- 
spect, 423 Bonhomme Ave. Apply at 
(27 Bonhomme Ave., Clayton. M«. Ait 
for D.jin! White. («•») 

' KOR HALri: The own 
Thii U tin' l)"t bargai 
A ffve Jin! ail room i 
and eluctnr llxturi-a. 
condition. Term.- Vo n 
Mitel all, 33*1 Market. 

i on W, Belle, 
ngla fiat Oat 
q Brat tlaee 
It, bee J. £. 

Pluinc, Bom. 


W*KKED.—S3 bailing " 
Steady employment'. Hood 


«teadj job, two yc 
the (lilt Edge N 

llpt street. 

MEN WAN'ttD: Colored men 21 to 
35 veara of *<;■'. wishing posiHons w 
Sleeping car pCEtCT« orlnin par tan 
on Miavoori roads write .for appllrra 
lion blank and information. No ex- 

Real guld-llled , 

■ dollar. Money 

Sale Hon day sad Tlcadaj 
Hurry O. Douglass, Prescription Drgg- 
glat Quality and Service Store, 
North Pendleton Avenue. 

a actually -eel] jou the genuine 
gold-Oiled eyeglasses or apee tacit 
frame*, guaranteed to may l-iotb 1S- 
karat -gold filled,' and to wear for tea 
year*. Similar glasses elsewhere, fr'JSO 
" With these frames ja a pair of our 
genuine periacopic crystal lenses, fitted 
free'by onr expert optician, who baa 
had years .of experience in fitting 
glaases. For only one dollar. Special 
* run. .W.M rimlesi . glasses. 
»2,S5: ISOO bifoeal*, two pun In an. 
for 13.00. Similar glaaaea elsewhere, 
•4.00 and lfl.00. 

business partner with cash of 1300, to 
go Ota-half. . Interested' truck farm- 
ing, poulty'and hog-raising, with stand 
at !M4 Laclede. Farm at Barnhart, 
Mo , CO miles front St. Louis. It. S. 

FOR SALE: To Colored people, four 
lots in Feirraount Part. Cheap. In- 
ijuire of Mrs. F. Ryser, 50011 Geraldihe 
Avenue, St. Louu, Mo. . 

FOR RENT: Furnishe 
men. With or without 
.tain. !Sf£ H organ. 

■ 'FOB RENT: Pint* for t.'olorod. Four 
rooms and bath, second floor. $14.00. 
Four rooms on first floor. (1250. 3033 
Case Avenue. 

FOB SALE.— Ten room name 'With 
basement store. Reol bnrgain. Price 
(4,000. Apply SOU Lawton. 

FOE BENT— Neatly furaiahed 
for man and. wife or. two gentle 
*B5Sa HmatT. Call .after six, Li 

two have a neat); 
couple or gen tie 

« pec table fay 11, 

furnished room for 
icn. Call . LindeU 

,W ANTED'.— A rfspeetable family 
■tould tike two gentlemen ia the mail 
service to room and hoard with them. 
Call LindeU 3368-W. 

FOR RENT— Neatly furnished anl 
unfurniahed rooms, with, modern con 
veoiaucea; bath, gaa, 2 kitenens, con 
yentent to 2 car Hnea.. Apply 41» 
Wast Belle, Mm I. R. Sypret, or phone 
LindeU 5S3T-W.- ■ - 4-13-4. 

'. FOR BENT.— Small tarnished r 
with modern improvement* "for lady 
employed. Call Lindell 18r3*-W. 


FOR RENT: Neatly furnished room 
bir reap*et»We faaiH*. foe man 
wife, 'or for twi. gentlemen. 4046 
Cook. LindeU SWfrR, (4-20-4.) 

FOR BEST; Two neatly furnished 
connecting rooDB snitable . for baehe- 
lors, or for couple for light hoosekeep- 
iag. Convenient tfl Page or Hodiamont 
cara. 1020 Pendleton. Lindell ISlfW 

FOB BENT: Modern 4 and T reoo 
ata. Ehaetrie lights, bath and fur 
■M Open from i'to 5 o'eloeh. 44M 
feat B»Hn. ■ . (4-S0-1.) 


Tuner, Repairer and Finisher 

of Piano* Reed end Pipe Organ 

Expert Work Guaranteed. 

11—4*— ner. V. at. C A. a.ilaVx 

.702 Lawton Ave. St. Louie, 


Sign Palatar asd Interior Decorator 

Flnt-Claaa Wark. 

3132 Fair Avenue. 



l.icc-iitd arid bonded, electrical 
contractor. We will wire your old 
or new home and furniih yo.u fix- 
tures and give you si* months tonne 
year to pay for it Fans rented, (old 
and repaired. 

"The rose ia red. § 

The- violet* art tine, v 

I need your work 

And Other* do too," 


Steadt and Hot Wafer Radiator 
A Specialty. All Kind* of 
. Stovea Repaired! Call . . . 

E. M. Paschal! 

4314-a Lucky St. Louis, Mo. 



la itill at 

2117 Market St. 

ree Coniultarjon -and Bjnunlnatiesa 
Hoar*:' 9 JO x. m. to >:30 p. B. 


The Near- Penaion Law take* ia wid- 
a0t and Colored- soldieri a* well a* 
oihera. - 'Write us for copy of .dew taw 
»nd know your rights. Send 20 eeqta. 
— n . a to Fitzgerald & Lvtp, Pension 
Agency, Indianapolia, Ind. 



-Odd Fellow*' Mail '2921 Morgan 
Street. Newly decorated lodge 
rooms and reception hall for rent. 
Special , attention to private recep- 
tions. Rent very reasonable. See 
janitor or call the secretary's office. 
Phone, Delmar 4299L.- 

FCTR.BEST: Neatly furnished 
>r rent. htn. hf. Arlington, 341T 
ine 8tre*t. - ' (4-20 — .) 

FOR BENT:. One tea room house in 
good condition; 2T;;5 Lucas Ave. t3S 
per morsth. .Apply Argju Ofllce, 2341 
Market'St. Phone. Bonurnt 1432. 

FOR RENT: Fiiroiahed Or .unfur- 

ished robin a for rent. 3110a Loch 

FOR RENT: One upper, and on 

lower room, nuitable for cbnreh .( 
oirkelodeoii. 353H Bernard St. Phot 
LindeU 4J13. <4-Sfrl.) 

Brick cottages in EUeardavilla, oa 
monthly payments. Great bargain*. ■ it 
yon art in the market, tee me at one* 

Hntehina Inge, . 
Dooilaai Hotel Baildlog, 2«4S Lawion 

You can haveV|&K 

s suit r HIE 

Cxpr««. or Poatac* fr«|MM 
Quality, FK and WotfcmtMtMp, 


JiMt to prove toe wonderful quality, 

value and style of our taih 
make this astounding offer. 


ma letter or pott card 

•end yoa our beautiful 

cut ia lesteet eity aty'ie, extreme 
peg tops W desired. 

Don't Send (it One Cant 

_ . drop 
and we will 

samples to choose from and full 
ticukrs of this wonderful offer. 

Agents Wanted! 

We pay tig money to our agents 
everywhere. We want a good, live 
' "hustler"in every town to t&e orders 
for our celebrated made-to-measure 
clothes. Yoa can make more money 
than yoa ever made before and get 
your own clothes Free if yon write ue 
at once. 

$35lo $60 Extra g^ 

You can't fail to make this and even more In your spore 
time with the magnificent outfit which we tend you— 
all charge* prepaid. ' t 

Splendid Outfit Free £££ M\£ 

grade woolena, also order blanka, tape Hne, raasanirtng chart, aad 
' everything- necessary U make tig money. Writ* oa art lata , for tats 
wossrfartu, effer. Everything delivered Pree. Writ* ■«■ taiij 

The Progress Tailoring Co., ^rSo 

vi.ili to announce to (lie 'people o 
.ouis and vicinity that 1 have re 
f opened " store at MIT Lawtoj 
Ave. with i stock consisting of iligut 
1/ used furniture,- nip*, stovea nnc 
earpf t>. Also keop conata^itly on bum 
line of new goods sueh as cooking 
:en>il;i. Iirooms, bowla and piteht-rs 
loveh, coal hods and many othc: 
lings too numerous to mention. 
Slightly used .furniture bought,. s.i!i 
id pirhnngeit. N'o furniture allowei 
i. leave the store unless in goad re 
sir. All worlt done by expert work 

A call at our store will convince. In 
iting you to join the rapidly gtowin: 
st of mv customers, I am, Yoarn ttulv 
P. T. 'Bowles.' 
-Kinloch, Central G1T1-L. 

For Sale 

Best bargain on W. Belle. 
6 and 6 room flat. Real Cheap. 
4411|W. Belle. See 

J. E. Mitchell, 

Argus Office 

Ambitions young man wants a posi- 
tion with an undertaker with, chance to 
learn embalming. Address Argus of- 
fice, Box.' 3, 2341 Market 'St. 


(I'ornwlr at tttj- Ciitta A»*.l 




4331 Eaatea Ave. ' St Louis 


Spirit Medium 

■vsr. Xhh-on If DOW aa honorary 
lli* flraat WHU Crnle of Blah 

( of Otc jl! " 

$20 io su ra no. 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe Works. Wages 
■ $2.35 per day for regular men who will 
work steadily six day* per week. 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 
Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co. 





■rfttwraajpt lihillul 

^c, 5 o c r« . v'! **»"- W**-^ <Wbk, ... 

' ?C ' lMN.Jwir-wo.Av* ■ Sa.LaaMa.Mo 


Will Promote a Full Growth of 
Hair. Will also Restore the 
Strength,. Vitality and the Beau- 
ty of the Hair. If your Hair is 
Dry and Wiry Try - 

East India Hair Grower 

If you are. bothered with Fal- 
ling Hair, Dandruff, Itching Scalp 
any Hair Trouble, we want you to 
i remedy contains medical proper- 
ties that go to the- roots of the .Hair, 
stimulates the skin, helping nature do 
its work. Leaves the hair soft and silky.- Per- 
fumed with a balm of a thousand flowers. The 
best known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray flair to its Natural 
Color. Can-be used with Hot Iron for Straighten- 
Price Sent by Mail, 50c: 10c Extra for PoatagtT\ 


•nd Directions 
or Salllas. tUIB. 4 

2Sc Extra for Pottage 


Gen. Aft., 314 E. 2d St. 

Oklahoma City, Okia. 




I Basket for - - ;~- 10 Cents 

6 " " - -.50 M 

13 " " , $1.00 

28 / " " ., —- — ._-^_.$2,00 


I. E. Banks and W.tkm. 

21S S. LaffiatwaU. 412 3. Leiiiaiuaii. MS. Evasf' 


ft _. EXTRA SfECIAL,OrTER ghatrh ^ 'j't^| 

UHBUssuIMUIUmV s,.«4 Cab is. win rwe Msir SMs. n.A,- vrsa. 
g s .» s.sis w .tsrswawas>, n .s avaja. ssa MBa 

■a— »*»»■>— sfcis w aiatiTniMtrsaJ *"«■ 



CHAS. O. WATSON, Prof*? , ' . . ^ 

TheSBiACttt Raw DRUGGIST. > Everybody Waixoma 

Located at COM PTON anal LACLEDE AVE. 

52M Manchester 


For Sale 

Twenty Lots in South Kinloch 
Direct from owner Cheap. See 

■*■: . ir ,;« r ..''. 
J. E. Mitchell, Argui Office 

2341 MarkaH Straaat. •.•: ..■ - ■'•*_ . 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe 

Works. Wages $2.35 per 

day for regular men who 

will work steadily six days 

per week. ^ 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 

Blackmer & Post Pipe Co. 

V ■■ Arsenal and Oak Mill 

Advertise in Argus 



"- ' 


Evil speaking baa been ■ reigning of- 
fense In every lie. It waa for this 
, amoDf other 
causes that God 
.give up the' 
heathen" to a 

. reprobale mind 
h.ecauie they 
were Ailed with 
all onrlghteous- 
neaa — whisper- 
er r s. backbiters; 
spiteful. Invent- 
ors of evil thlces. 
Nor did Christi- 
anity Immediate- 
ly and thorough- 
ly reform this 
evil even among 
believers. Weftou 
Panl saying to 
church at Corinth: "I fear lest 
there be among yon debates, envying 
backbiunga, whispe rings, awelllnss, 

The evil speaking we have to guard 
against la not ao much the flagrant lie 
and the reviling speech, but the pri- 
vate ways of calumny — the unground- 
ed and false rumors, the unkind con- 
structions, the ready acceptance of 
bad reports, tbe carrying of tales and 
the disposition to dwell upon the worst 
rather than the best In people. As 
someone bos said, (tils la what the flies 
do — skip over what la sound in- men 
and alight upon their sores. 

There are some lives so blameless 
th»\ even malice Is ashamed to vent 
Its spite against- them, and yet there is 
a way of accomplishing the evil pur- 
pose even Id their case. Their, whole 
character may not be attacked but as- 
saults made upon -part* of St. The 
edges win be nlbbteb at and the nor- 
. ders of their good name clipped away. 
Son) rone says that."so-and-ao la a very 
accomplished person." and we reply 
that "probably be knows It pretty 
well! - This does not say' that he Is 
proud or vain, but it comes so near to 
JJ that there la no need to say it It 
another la commended for hla good 
■works we can add that "doubt less he 
has- his. own particular ends In view." 

Alt Are Exposed to It 
> One would think It would deter as 
from evil speaking of another to re- 
flect how we ourselves are exposed to 

the same danger: rttm Scripture says; 
"Take heed If ye bite and devour one 
another that ye be not consumed one 
of another." It la'a game that two Can 
play .at. The devil who Instigated your 
slander against your neighbor can em- 
ploy your neighbor to Instigate a simi- 
lar slander against yon. 

And then then is the other thought, 
that when we search Into the corners 
of our life and ransack tbe garret and 
cellar, of our corrupt nature, many 
things may be found for occasion 
against as aa well as others. As Paul 
tald to the Qalatlaos, "If a man be 
overtaken In a fault, ye which are 
spiritual 'restore such an One In the 
spirit of meekness, considering thyself 
lent ye also be tempted." In other 
■cords shame for out sins ahould be a 
covering for our brother's sins, and 
recognition of our own wrnkntrss should 
make us compassionate toward hla. 

We ahall find that aa we ceaae being 

evil listeners we lessen the temptation 
to be evil speakers, Alt conversation 
la kept op by exchange, and If. oue 
brings you a story It will seem as In- 
civility not to repay him with an- 
other. Therefore If he accuses A 

you wilt condemn B — and 

thus It goes. The Scripture Bays 
again, ,Thon shalt not receive . a 
false report" 

Keeping the Balance. 

Of course there ts,n-prudent observa- 
tion i >f . each other's conduct which 
should be practiced by Christiana and 
there may be a naeful Imputation in 
each qther of what we have seen and 
'known, not what we have heard or 
guessed. For self-defense? for the sake 
ef Justice, for the love of others, it 
may be necessary to proclaim oar tes- 
I]iji"oy. But thla la not speaking evil 
of one another for' It is done '.vith an. 
honest purpose and a harmless mind. 

As William Culleu Bryant says: 

Dti-'ilii or mutual succor bind 
The children of ow feee-l*. rac*. ' 

And.'lf our tanthnn war* not kind. 
Thla earth war* but a weary place. 

Sage 7 


(Br B. O. HEU-KFtfl. Aetua- TMra 

!b« Bund*]' School Court in th* 
Bala Institute of CfclcaaoJ 



. Thifta a lesson of Jesus rn the 
home. It occurred at tha beginning of 
pastton week. We have before us the 
muster; the worker, Martha; the wor- 
shiper, alary; the witness, Laaarus; 
the traitor. Judns. and the people with- 
out An unconscious bit of wisdom 
fell from the lips of that good house- 
wife who exclaimed, "How mnch bet- 
ter my nelgbbora' houses look when t 
have. my windows clean," Too much 
we are looking through tbe eyes of 
selfishness. Oat of this lesson let us 
learn to look through unaeitlah. eyes. 

I. Unjust Criticism (w. 14). It la 
six days before Jesus' last Psftsover. 
The accounts of Matthew and Mark 
suggest It to have been within two 
days, because they mentioned thla 
feast after telling of the conspiracy or 
the chief priests and elders with Ju- 
das, who came to bis determination to 
sell bis Master after tbe reprimand 
given him on this occasion. 

(i) Tha Value of Good Deeds. Je- 
sus did not forget in tbe supreme 
hour of bis life, the friends whom he 
loved. To bring them some further 
spiritual gifts, he hud come to their 
homo in Bethany. Doubtless be also 
had In mind lh* desire to nourish the 
faith which hud been kindled In tbe 
hearts of all by the resurrection of 
Lattrus, just us he returned to Cana 
after hHvlng performed his first mir- 
acle (John 4:04). Jesus was Very 
God of Very God. yet he was very 
much'of a real man; therefore he en- 
joyed the pleasure* of home as much 
aa other men. and the Joys of kinship 
and brotherhood. J ' • 

(Zi The Wealth of Bond Deeds. Oat 
Of her love Mary expended IdC prob- 
ably her whole treasure. In the pur- 
chase of thla alabaster box. and put 
It aside to use It upon him at the 
proper time. . We, do. no( think that she 
sfopped to calculate the cost of thla 
ointment, I-ove never estimates vajna.. 
Her deed proved a safer guicle ofcon- 
duct than the calculating prudence of 
Judas and the' other disciples (see 
Matt 20:8). ' Such deeds are always 
looked upon ulrh suspicion. The Isea- 
flots usually are the leaders in criti- 
cizing tbe actions of others. Eavs lay 
at the bottom of their criticism, but 
good deeds are upcousclous, for we 
read that "the noose waa filled with 

13) A Standard of Good Deeds 
(Mark 14:8); "She. did what she 
could,"' and we have also the record 
of good deeds, a memorial to her 
(Mark 14:i». A large number of peo- 
ple who never give of their own to tbe 
poor nor to the kingdom of God are 
willing to criticise others who do give 
otrfof the gratitude of their loving 
hearts; / 

II. Gracloua Commendation (w. 
7-11). Jesus praised where his disci- 
ples) and Judas criticised. Tbe poor 
they always had with them (Mark 
14:7). This must hare been a chal- 
lenge that evidently they had pot at- 
tended to tha poor aa they should. 
Jeaua also tells them frankly that 
whatever tbe; do for him tbey mast 
do speedily, Jesus' Judgment upon 
Judas is a rebuke of the disciples ; hla 
exposure of the sophistry of the crit- 
ics and of their subtlety la suggestlv*. 
Upon" Mary's" act be bestowed thai 
highest posalble praise. "She hath 
dons what ahe could."" That la all that 
la asked of anyone (U Cor. 8:U). Such 
commendation aa Jeaua bestowed open 
Mary he bestowed upon no other, and 
hla wonderful predictions concerning 
her (Matt 26:13> have been literally 
fulfilled. Jeaua' Judgment upon Mary 
la also suggestive. He alii elded her. 
1st her nloae ;" ' He approved her 
worka :.s being good, and he inter- 
preted her innermost purpose la the 
act which she had performed. Thla 
outward act was literally tbe pouring 
forth of her heart's adoration and wor- 
ship. Martha- waa In part taken op 
with her household service- IauaanM 
w£i in part taken up with hla enjoy- 
ment of the pres en ce, of Jeans, bat 
Mary waa wholly taken op with jeans 

" Does the record surprise us: 

vr« lean on ottiar* aa we want. 

Llfe'e urillahi pain with pitfall* strain, ' 
And "tifara an (die boaal to talk 

Of -treeo'lna- that- dim path aloo^ 1 . I 

In vain, however, does the Chris- 
tlsn preacher inveigh against a wrong 
thing like this, or exhort to a tighteona. 
one. except aa he points out the piiwer 
by which' the one may be- avoided and 
tha other attained. That. power la 
Jesua. Christ To. the Christian, I. e^ I 
the trvly regenerated man. there abauld 
be no (Bvaterv In this. He should know ' 
that If be surrenders himself to the I 
Spirit yf the' Lord who dwells within 
him. he will receive power to become 
a shik 1 , of God in deed aa well aa Ln | 
name. i 

And to the man wbo la not a Chrla- 
tis n. the advice la practically the Hue. ' 
Let hi ui accept Jems Cbrlat by. faith j 
l*_bls Savior and confess him u his. 
Lord, and he win dlacaver that he i> 
able Dot only" to redeem bin from the 
gnftt of mto, but keep him day by day 
free*. ina perm. , -Tee. even from itaj 
power as expreaned in an evtl tongue. ■; 

preached thr. ugbout Uie whole world, 
thla alao which ahe hath dona ahall be 
spoken of for a memorial of hsrl" 
Judas, under- the Judgment of Jeans, 
waa stung (Matt .26:li) and hurtle* 
at once to the enemies of Jeaua to 
strike* a bargain with them for the be- 
trayal of hla Lord though lie did not 
■•cure' from these enemies the" equiva- 
lent ofwbat aha had insured upon him. 
Curis t will b- no man's debtor. He 
takes tbe poor offerlnga we lay befor* 
him. and crowns them with the rlch- 

■nst reward- Mary'a lift of ointment 
received words of commendation of 
which ahe-never dreamed,- and a -re- 
ward far beyond her f ondeas hope, and 
has been the fount of countless deeds 

^rich with love. Many peqplo had gath- 
arwd/aot only for .Jesua' aake.Sat 
that they might see L»i«ru« also. He 
draw people bee* o*a of .what jasoa had 
done for hla, yet he drew them to 
fill IS This Srunght. him aijw under 
eondemDatlon, for we must share lbs, 
WMeni-*» of tha foeai of Jeaaa. 

Church Directory 

St Jantea A. H. E. Church, Bt. Ferd- 
inand and Pendleton Streets — Sunday, 
Sunday -school, t:30 a. m. Preaehing, 
11 a. m., and Young Peoples' 
Soetetlea, S to 7:S0. Class toeetimj. 
Tuesday, 8 p. m. Ba*. William H. Peek, 

Wa,a Chapel A. M: E. Chnreh. Kin. 
Suaday-aehool, 1:30 p. m.; Thnrsdav. 
■<3asa meeting, 8:00 p. m. J. W. Oar. 
ler, pastor. ■ , 

'oeb, Mo. — Sunday, Preaching 11 a. m,- 

St Peter* 1 A. M. E. Ghnrch, Em- 
ot and Montgomery Sts., Sunday: 
Preaching, 11.-00 ». m., and S:(Ki p, 

m. Sunday- Jchoo I. 2 p. ml 
Kev. R S. Pitcher, pastor. 

Bt, Marks A. M. E. Ziun Church, 
Lafflngwall and Be'rusrd St.— Service* 
at 11:00 a. m. Sunday-school at 1:00 
p.m. Class meeting, Friday evening at 
8:00. Baverend P. W. Alstork, the pas- 
tor, will preach special sermons, morn- 
ing and evening. 

QU1NN CHAPEL A. M. E Church, 
321 Bo wen St. Preaching, 11:00 ». m. 
and 8:00 p. m Sunday-school. v:00 a. 
m. Class meeting, Thursday. 

Rev. T. L. Watson. , Pastor. 

Walla A vo.— Preaehing Sundayc.-ll a 
nv-and 8 p. m. Sunday School, I p 
m. Prayer meeting, Thursdays, 8 p 
m. Sev. E. L. Clarks, pastor. 

Grant's A. M. E. Church. A7SS Hleek 
Ave. — Sunday preaching at 11 a. m. and 
8 p. m. Sondsy-school 3 p. m. Mr. 
Blaekwell, Supt. Bsv. W, H. Pearson, 
pastor. Residence 3024 Pine St. 

Waynsn A. II. E. Church. 21!nl n 
Wash Street— Preach in t- 41 a. m. a 
8 p. m. .Endeavor (J:J0 p. ui. Cli 
meeting Tuesday. 8p .m. Prayer mi' 
ins Thursdhy. a p. m. Ear, A. 
Dobbins, a pastor. 
Sunday school. 1:30 p. m. 

Ftrat Baptist Church, 1328 dark 
Ave.— Sunday preaching 11 a. m. and 
8 p. m. Sunday -sehooL/9: 30 a. m. B. 
T. P. D. 8:30 p,m. Preaching, Wednes- 
day night by local preachers. Prayer 
meeting, Friday 8 p. m. Rev. Wm. O. 
Davis, pastor, 43M Lucky St. 

First Baptist Church of Kinloeh, 
Mo. — Sunday, preaching 11 a. m. and 
6 p. m. Sunday-school at 10 a. m. 
Bible reading it 6:30 n. m. Weekly 
meetings, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 
p. m. CuiABiuiion, secodd Sunday Id 
each month? Rev. P. Hep].-, pastor: E. 
L. Brown, eJerk. 

Leonard A veaoe Baptist Church' 3S 
S. Leonard Ave. — Sunday, Preaehing 
11:00 s. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday 
Sehooi 1:00 p. m. B. T. P. O. 0:00 p. 
m Prayer Meeting Wednesday night, 
Bev. P. W. Dnnavant, Pastor. 
2749 Walnut' 

rni'on A. M. E. Church. Webste 
droves— Serr iff s at 11 a. m. and 7:3 
p. m. Sabbath School 9 a. m. Rev 
W. H. Pearson, Pastor: A. J. Saanders 

Asbury Mcmoria! M. E. Church, 4291 
Cottage Ave. Sunday school. 9:30 n. 
ttt.j preaching 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. 
Epworth League, 7 p. m. vlsss meet 
ing and Bible class. Wednesday, 8 p. 
m. . Rev." W. V. Ooff, rukntur. 


2918 'Laclede Avenue 
Sunday-school at 10 a. m. Preach- 
ing 11 a. m, and B p. m. Bibla Band 
at 5:30. Prayer aervieee Tbnraday 
nights. Bev. E. Foster, Pastor. 

Redemption of Souls Spiritual Church, 
^15 X. Beaumont Street Sunday 
sehooi service ']0 a. m., church service* 
11 n. m. and 8 p. tn. and measagea. 
Meeting* at 8. p.' m. Wednesday and 
Thursday. Seance *X- 8 'p. in- Tuesday 
and Friday. Mrs. Julia Johnson, ora- 
cle; Rev. James D. Miller, pastor; 
Ilenry Green, president; Miss A, L. 
Voorhles, secretary. 

prayer meeting S a. m.: preaching. 11 
a. m. and 8 p. m.; Suaday-achool 1 p. 
en.: B. Y. P. 0. 6:30; Wedneaday. 
preaehing 8 p. m.; Friday, praver m.-i-t- 
ing 8 j>. m.; Miaaiouary Society, first 
and third Tuesday in each month at 8 
p. m. Rev. David Tyler, pastor. 


31)35 Papin Street, Prcurhinc;. secuuil, 
third and fourth Sundays in each 
month, at 11 a. in. and 8 p. m. Sun* 
day school l- p. m.: C. E. SocVery, fi:-1o 
p.. m. Preaching ^Wcdhceday nighl. " 
p. m.' Prayer meeting Friday B p. in. 
I'ipiiiniuninn services second Sunday in 
curb, month. Rev. A. H. Bostic, pa., phone Central 3133 or-.Ollve IHV'1. 
any time from 8 a, m, to 12:30 p, m. 
and 2 p. m. to 5:30 in. m. 

Northern Baptist Church, 6Q0 8. Ew 
Ing Ave. — Sunday service, prayer meet- 
lng, 5:30 a. m.; preaching, 11:30 a. m. 
and B p. m.; Sunday-tchool^i p. m., 
B. T. P. C, 6:30 p. ui.; Mission Circle, 
7:30, p. m. each Monday; preaehing', 8 
p. m. each Wednesday; prayer meeting 
8 p. m. each Friday. Eev, J, C. Mar- 
tin, pastor; 'residence, S710 Mills. 

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Wit Pin* 
Bt- PnamiDg Sunday., n «. m. taa • 
u. m. Uunaar-acnool, 1:10 p. m. B. I. p. 
11., I:se p. ,n. WMmrti,, I p. dl, 
tmunrnood roeaona. FTMay, 1 p. m., 
prarer Msetlna -lin a. A. Moael*,. 

Second Baptist Church, Elnloch 
Park— Preaching, Bundaya, 11 a. n 
and 8 p. m.; Sun day -sen on], 1 p. m. 
Weakly meetings, Wednesday and Pr 
day* 8 [.. ro. Rev. A, P. Harold, Pastor 

Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1428 
N. 12th Street — Preaehing ovary Sun 
day, 11 a, m., 3 p. m. and 8 p. m.; 
Sunday-school, f p. m.; a Y. P. O, 6:30 
p. m.; Mission Circle, fourth Sunday 
in each month. Bev. D, W. Morris, 

Antioch Baptist. Church, North Mar 
ket and .Jloode Ave. Preaching, Sun- 
days at 11 a. m. and 8 pm. Sunday 
School illp.m. B. T. P. D. at 6:30 
p. m. Prayer meeting, Wsdnasday at 
B p. m. Communion Services, Second 
Sunday in each month. Bev. Wm. 
Perry, M. D. Pastor. 

. Third Corinthian Baptist Church, 
Hth and Biddle street*.— Sunday' 
prayer meeting, 5 p. m. Preaehing, II 
a. m., 3 p. m. and 8:30 p. m. Sunday 
sehooi, 1 p. m. Prayer meeting, Tues 
day night: Preaching, Thursday night 
Fourth Sunday in each month Coven 
ant and Communion. Rev. J. W. Hall 
pastor: M. C. Crosby, clerk; Peti 
Brown, treasurer. 

Providence Baptist Charoh, Kenner 
iy and Pendleton Avenues.— tSinn ay 
preachiag 11 a. u. and 8 p.' as, Sdn- 
asyachool, 1 p,'-*a. 8. T.-*. -U. 7 p 
M Pr*yer Masting, Friday B p m. 
Covenant and Lord's Supper, fourth 
Sunday 3 p. In. Mission Circle Prayer 
Mreting third Friday, 8:30 p. m. Rev. 
B. Calvin Cole, pastor, 3181 Pair Ave. 

Corinthian Baptist Church, 445 
Antelope, Sunday Preachiag, 11:00 a 
m. and 8:00 p. m. Sabbath school 
10:00 a. m.; B. Y. P. TJ-, 6 p. m. Wed 
nesday: Preaching 8:00 p m., Friday: 
Prayer Meeting, 3 p. m, r Mission scrv 
ice, third Friday, 8 p. a. Bnslnssi 
meeting Friday before; the fourth 
Lord's day In each month. Bev: Wm 
Anderson, Pastor. 

Mi. Olive Baptist Church No. I, 1406 
Morgan St. Sunday, prayer meeting, 
5 a. m.;. preaching, 11 a. m., 3 p. in. 
8:30 p. id.. Sunday-school, 1:30 p. m. 
Prayer meeting and Mission Circle, 
Tuesday t'^ht. Prayer and praise 
meeting, ^aaday night Third Sunday 
in each month Covenant meeting. 
Fourth Sunday commnnioa. Rev. A. 
Dickson, pastor, Thomka MiSer, clerk. 

Spiritual Christian Union Church, 
2717 Lawtou Avimu*. Sundays 8 p. m. 
Fridays, 8 p. m. J. 8. Woatherford, 
rector; Mrs. M. Owens, assistant and 


The Christian Spiritualist Church bai 
moved from 2S3Ha Wash St, to BIT N 
Leonard Avenue. Services every 
Tuesday and Friday art 8:00 p. m 
Catch Bodiamost car, get on at 3300 
Franklin Ave., walk north to B17 N, 
Leonard.A^e, Mr, and Mr*. Crankshaw 

Mount Zion BajStist Church. 2624 
Papin St, Sunday: Preaching, 11:00 
a-.m. and 8:00 p. m, Sunday-school 
1:30 P- m. Prayer meeting. Friday, 
S:0G p. m. 

Dr. J. Douglasa Rerben, Pajtor. 

Luthern Church, 1701 Morgan Bt— 
Sunday preach ing B p. a. Bonday- 
aehool 3 p. m. Catechetical Iaatrae 
lion, Thursday. 8 p. m. Day.Behool 
every day, *. m. — 3 p. m. Bev. a. A 

The Church of Ood and Saints of 
Christ. 4f»M Finnry Avenue— **en 
Sunday at 7:30. Wedneaday at 7:30, 
Friday at 7:30 Saturday (Sabbath) at 
11 a. in, and rest of the day. Elder J. 
H. Anderaoa. pastor. 

Cnmniimi'Sn of 8outs Spirt ual.Chureh 
hold their, regular scrvitcs Sunday 11 
a. m. and 8 p.- m., Lyceani. 10 a. «.: 
aeaace Tucwloy and Friday at ft p. m.,- 
condurtcii iiv Mtb. rnriNline Ann,srcad 
sad M. Antoinette Howard. R. H, Miss 
CUfsamitine Hatch, secretary; Curdelin 
Anderson, treasurer-. M. Antoinette 
Howard. R. N. paator: M"rs. Carrie Par- 
son, assistant- pastor, S'Hl Locas AVe. 
PSobt, Cent. OfilflR, '. 



Take core of your cemptaiot — 

and your complexion will lake care of you. 

Choose puhe tups, choose creme elcaya 


•'Makes the thin like vthmt' 
■ saau <oc eoa iabos a*M>u 



Try The Argus 

Bell, Bomcnt 


Ice and Wood, Coal By -the Baskel or Tod. 

A*h Hauling arid Express 


Harry M, Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

ijj-j ij!i j.i'i.h Flats and it nun t» Kent to Colored People. Call or 
-* - ^ I'hot/e. Good Service. 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening 

liU>4>. A mm. Wuitd 

WQif BBQS. 1214 N.SflRate An., IndiaMpolis, Ind.. U.S.A. 


j Better than the 
-1 dentifrice vou 






The Fords 

Not Automobiles 

LONE . ■ 

Bert Murphy 

"In Om Jail House N«w" 


Fannie Wise 

Operatic Prima Done 


Foaturing Mollis King 

■ Wednesday -Th;> greatest and 
moat sensational aerial, featuring 



Ross & Taylor 

Comedy Sensation ' ■■■ 




Take any Car and Transfer to the 

Page Line. 


Advice given in all matte'™ of 
Life, Give Luck in Business, 
and Speculations, Law Suits. 
Settle Lover's Quarrels, brings 
separagsjf together, makes 
peace and happiness in family. 


GairToyinl, Fortune Teller - 
Spirit Medina 

ISlSaUrs*. An. J.J seats fraas mm 


This elegant 7r-room hotel has opened 
under new management. A nice hotel 
for family or transient use. KTewly dec . 
orated and has IS baths, steam heat. 
Bate* reasonable. Bev. N. A. Mitchell, 
proprietor. 2SM Morgan street,' Bt 
Louis, H* Phone Bomont 1J77. 


By H. T. M. 



be said thai Hub Kuasell 

■.■:■!;■ '; 




LOW fee CAfi 


•trhing their standard in th 
ley are pr<is*«T% this. »«k m the 
ouker Theater. 
The Jit It of i be olfcrinffl'U 'The Col- 
W- liirl's Iteturn. - ' Thi piece has a 
iii-el introduction and Bhale. The Brat 
i Eennls rourt showing a miied 
'K|p|f in the game which ends with a 
i»B *nd dance. Thin is good. The 
■1 Is a yard wene with several kidi 
tying "Her (*»«,,," This full, to 
i«# the dmin-d effect beriun it does 
■■ lend a decided climai to the pro- 
-;im The balance of the show is 
srle up' of ji series of specialties. 
mie are wei] received and deserve 

.il number- Although Sgiij Speedy 
MBHh is as funny as ever, the play as 
' wools is short ™ comedy. The offer- 
S is a goud entertainment and is 
-aiing _larjj.-*ouse» nightly, but from 
e critic's poiai of view it suffers 
■dly by icwnparison with some of RaiT 
•ell's previous shows here. * 

The mnsiral numbers : include a 
•peeiaity by Harper and "fimith. " Eose 
m the Bud. ■' by Miss Birleanna 
Blanks; "Aba Daba, " "Hello Bill " 
■■Disie Land,'- "He, $».. „ d , 
Jally-ho song. »i] by the" company 
I'ugh doe* a "StuuuV Around" «■ 
iTBtne and i Ijttb dahciajr is indulged 
in by other iiietnbsTi of the east. - 

The first episode of "Voice on the 
Wire" drew_ capacity houses Monday 
mght and mum* bed a sensation, that 
will no doubt hold the nerves of the 
picture petrous at a high itrain until 
the serial h as been run. 

There should be ao doubt about the 
caliber of the /show- coming to the 
Booker Washington Theater net week 
Lone Bert Murphy, who has not been 
seen here for a couple' of- years i. a 
teal "big time'.'. comedian; Fannie 
Wise- to the leading operatic priron- 
doena of the day; Clifford Kos* „ d 
(reorge Taylor are counted the coined, 
sensations of -the country and The 
(Sorde, nat automobiles, but a teaot of 
peppery singers ,„d dancers, will eom- 
p™- a bill that should eone! „,. th „ 
has been booked at thin theater 
B*>rr Mocday 

"Pride," the second picture of the 
Hevee Deadly Sins," will be shewn 

« the Betiun, Both and Market, Than- 

day, April M, * ' 

Prtdi" tells the irtiry al . girl 

fnl banker; portrayed by Mr. fili:,ii.' 
Thn Kirl jilts her deserving sweetheart, 
esra.|iej from llie banker nnd elopes 

The banker and the young lo*er fol- 
low the eloper* aboard the liner, the 
youth ns a stoker. There, amid throb- 
bing scenes, pride is followed by a 
fali ami I lie girl is cured of the temp- 
tation of the second ain. 


The famous photoplay dramatic tri- 
nph, "One Day," a sequel to Eleanor 
lyns "Three Weeks." wjiieh wan 
owing at the Central Theater, down- 
wn for the admission price of 25 

coats Tor six weeks, will be shown at 

the N«W Movie Theater on Thursday, 
1 -'<> with ao advance in prices. 

The new serials have been bonked, 
The Railroad Raider," with Helen 

Holmes, and Jimmy Dale, of "Perils 
f Pauline" fame. They will start 

The best in the state. Lincoln In- 
stitulr Glee anil Mandolin Clubs, in 
solo*, quartettes, elocution and ei- 
prcssion. At Metropolitan Church 
May 2. 


Ed iti-..c k 's St. Louis rj.iants. did not 
get into the main game of the double 
header ft Polo Park in East St. Louis 
last Sunday but showed for .five in- 
nings against a scrub team ia the pre- 
liminary. The Colored boy* were In 
fine fettle completely smothering their 
opponent*. The 9t. Louis etub will 
journey to the East Side Sunday and, 
line up— against Slack's ontnt for • 
real game'. Capt_. Petti* returned east 
last Sunday night on'boiine**, but win 
return in time for the East St. Loot* 

The best In the state, Lincoln In- 
stitute Glee and Mandolin Clnbs. in 
solos, -quartette/a, elocution and ex- 
pression. At Metropolitan Chnreh 
May -i. 


' aoio pia. at 

Every Sunday evening. Hew man- 
agement. Janes L. Hail and Jaaaaa 
WWta, successor* to Prof. J. C. Lneky. 
Masie by Academy - Orchestra. LarUea 
admitted free, Orata, 15 AH 

Woman's Intuition Given 
Credit for Success Gained 
As Office Building Manager 

Woman's Intuition applied to busl- 

neaa remitted In tbe (HK-ceasful man- 
agetnent of seven ottlce buildings, with 
■« total 'of 730 rooDU 

Two at tbesa buildings are down- 
town office structures and two more 
are apartment houses. The woman 
who manages them. Mrs. Emerson of 
Sun Francisco, gela -r- on j 
agement an Income pKKOO a month. 
She did not fall into this comfort- 
able sum. She built up her busineaa 
from nothing. 

"There la eoinethlng about the At- 
mosphere of the rooms of a building," 
fihe says, "that decides me. It is the 
same way with tenants and rmnlnjsss. 
I feel at the first glance whether they 
are the right ones or not. I place the 
rental prices by Intulrjon. too. Last 
■reek an owner, who was showing me 
through his building, asked me to 
guess at hla rentals, I named tbesa 
off-hand by intuition. He said that I 
had named the rental be had settled 
on Id every case." 

What Mrs. Emerson calls Intultlpn 
would be called a quickly working lo- 
leHIgence by most persons. Left a 
widow IB years ago, with a blind moth- 
er to take are of. Mrs. Emerson de- 
cided on attempting this form of occu- 
pation and today manages sU of the 
ImlUlnga In her care for their' 
and leases the seventh on her own ac- 

Several of the buildings she "open- 
ad." which means that , she helped 
with the plana, supervised the decora. 
Uons, and selected the furnishings. 
From matters of elaborate drains In 
office building to choosing Turkish 
rugs for apartment rooms range the 
duties -of a manager. These dunes 
Include employing Janitors and I 
keepers and elevator boys. This 
an, who has 40 employees, is aston- 
ished st the walla of tbe average wom- 
an over her servant problem. 
. "I tried to progress all tbe time,' 
iksr-ouly theory of bar success. . 

"I started by renting rooms* In nay 
*flat." she said, -Then nfter a while 
1 rented a house sod let the^rooroX 
ISoon I took a larger house. After a' 
years t took a smalt offlce build- 
ing, with my heart In my mouth at the 
it at once, and ao 
was oo the highroad to 


. ^420-32 MARKET STREET 

fantiual^DO. OreWeSl pmented f*&*b >' (Treat expense with our 
IST^I'^^kSS^S^ 9 P'^™ of «°°^ orcnestra, includ 

pipe organ „ ii:ri ^ ^rr-n^.uinj-j.i am govt- order. V'.i.t ront.o i 3 
Our patrons should not miss sny of them, because they are 

DC'll r.v tvnrtirwr .„,,,. n * 

n & ~T ' , - 1 * u r^ ■"*.'* |ri«.-eei oi goog or _,., . 

Refined surrounding a andgooe order. Our motto is 
trons should not miss any of the— ■■■ 

hfjo a. M.- and close tun p m 


Thursday- The Preparedness 
semi "PaTRIA" featuring the 
J&BH i Greatest Dancer MRS. 

Saturday-Tbe Secret Kingdom 
fenturing DOROTHY KELLY 



Seven Weeks of Modern Dramas. 

Not Allegorie s nor Mbralty Plays 



20th nnd Market Su. ~ 

EVE LESLIE, a girl whose beauty and innocence are her only nossesi 
slons, is ambitious to win wealth, luxury, social eucceaa. ,s«—>=o 

Chance brings hei to the great metropulU and puts all of her ambitions 
within her reach. But the men and women who have the power to eive 
fcve her heart s desires ate the pawns bt Seven Deadly Situ. They will eive 
Eve what she wanta-but her soul will be stained in the getting- ■ 

Adam Moore, her lover aeee this. He folio we her. .He fights for her 
But can he win! You will nnd the answer if you ree these 

2nd: SEE "PRIDE" Thursday, April 26 

Special meals Sundays and holidaye. 
Eattn meals If wanted.- Suaday din- 
ner nerved fro. • to T p, «, Mrs. Bet- 

tie" Jefferson, proprietor, »0ST 'Lawtosj. 

U 10,000 ft 



AUGUST 19th To 25th 

19th Biennial Session of the Supreme Lodge 

Supreme Court of Calanthe and 

9th National Encampment of the 

Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias 

Jurisdiction, N. A., S. A., £., A., A., and A. 



Souvenir Programs Country Stars' Barber Shop 

Restaurant Official Photo*. Pressing Shop ; 

Melons Ice Crsara Chewing Gum. Pop Corn and Candy 

And £6 more good conceaaiona and displays. Address all com mis meat ion* 

Headquarters Ways and Means Committee, 
Chainnnn Secretary 

3141 Lawton Ave. - St. Louis, Mo.